List of corvette classes

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List of Corvette classes by country during the modern era (post 1940); (see also List of frigate classes and List of frigate classes by country)

Algeria ( Algerian Navy)[edit]

Argentina (Argentine Navy)[edit]

Australia (Royal Australian Navy)[edit]

Brazil (Brazilian Navy)[edit]

Brunei (Royal Brunei Navy)[edit]

Canada ( Royal Canadian Navy)[edit]

China (People's Liberation Army Navy)[edit]

Denmark (Royal Danish Navy)[edit]

Ecuador (Ecuadorian Navy)[edit]

Egypt (Egyptian Navy)[edit]

Finland (Finnish Navy)[edit]

France (French Navy)[edit]

Germany (German Navy)[edit]

India (Indian Navy)[edit]

Decommissioned Corvette classes[edit]

Corvettes classes in active service[edit]

Indonesia (Indonesian Navy)[edit]

Iraq (Iraqi Navy)[edit]

Iran (Islamic Republic of Iran Navy)[edit]

Israel (Israeli Navy)[edit]

Italy (Marina Militare)[edit]

Korea, South (Republic of Korea Navy)[edit]

Libya (Libyan Navy)[edit]

Malaysia (Royal Malaysian Navy)[edit]

Mexico (Mexican Navy)[edit]


Myanmar (Myanmar Navy)[edit]

Norway (Royal Norwegian Navy)[edit]

Peru (Peruvian Navy)[edit]

Poland (Polish Navy)[edit]

Portugal (Portuguese Navy)[edit]

Philippines (Philippine Navy)[edit]

Romania (Romanian Naval Forces)[edit]

Russia / Soviet Union (Russian Navy)[edit]

Saudi Arabia (Saudi Navy)[edit]

Singapore (Republic of Singapore Navy)[edit]

Spain (Spanish Navy)[edit]

Sweden (Swedish Navy)[edit]

Thailand (Royal Thai Navy)[edit]

Turkey (Turkish Navy)[edit]

United Arab Emirates (United Arab Emirates Navy)[edit]

United Kingdom (Royal Navy)[edit]

please also see List of corvette and sloop classes of the Royal Navy