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Map of diplomatic missions in Morocco

This is a list of diplomatic missions in Morocco. There are currently 99 embassies in Rabat, and many countries maintain consulates in other Moroccan cities (not including honorary consulates). Several other nations have embassies accredited to Morocco but resident in other capitals.

Embassies in Rabat[edit]

Embassy of France in Rabat

Embassies to open[edit]

Other missions in Rabat[edit]


Consulates-General in Agadir[edit]

Consulates-General in Casablanca[edit]

Consulate-General in Fez[edit]

Consulate in Larache[edit]

Consulates-General in Laayoune[edit]

Consulate-General in Marrakesh[edit]

Consulate-General in Nador[edit]

Consulate in Oujda[edit]

Consulates-General in Tangier[edit]

Consulate-General in Tétouan[edit]

Non-resident embassies accredited to Morocco[edit]

Resident in Cairo:

Resident in Madrid:

Resident in Paris:

Resident in Lisbon:

Resident in Dakar:

Resident elsewhere:

Former embassies[edit]

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