List of placental mammals in Order Soricomorpha

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Solenodon paradoxus

This list contains the species in Order Soricomorpha.

Family Solenodontidae[edit]


Family Soricidae[edit]


Subfamily Crocidurinae (White-toothed shrews)[edit]

Subfamily Myosoricinae[edit]

Subfamily Soricinae[edit]

Tribe Anourosoricini[edit]

Tribe Blarinellini[edit]

Tribe Blarinini[edit]

Tribe Nectogalini[edit]

Tribe Notiosoricini[edit]

Tribe Soricini[edit]

Family Talpidae[edit]

Subfamily Scalopinae[edit]

Tribe Condylurini[edit]

Tribe Scalopini[edit]

Subfamily Talpinae[edit]

Tribe Desmanini[edit]

Tribe Neurotrichini[edit]

Tribe Scaptonychini[edit]

Tribe Talpini[edit]

Tribe Urotrichini[edit]

Subfamily Uropsilinae[edit]

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