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A-26C, AF Ser. No. 44-35918, with nose art from A-26B, AF Ser. No. 44-34287, "Versatile Lady" USAF History and Traditions Museum, Lackland AFB

The A-26 Invader (B-26 between 1948–1965) was a twin-engined light attack bomber, built by the Douglas Aircraft Co. during World War II, that also saw service during several other conflicts in the post-war era of the latter Twentieth Century.

On display[edit]

A-26C, AF Ser. No. 44-35892, at Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum

These complete examples of A-26 Invader have been preserved or restored, and are on display at museums or at military bases, or are active aircraft potentially viewable at air events.

Status Codes:

D = Display
A = Airworthy
S = Stored
R = Under restoration
Designation USAAF Serial Displayed Identity Status Current location
A-26B 41-39161 436874 R Military Aviation Museum, Virginia Beach, Virginia. N26RP[1][2][3]
A-26B (JD-1) 41-39215 446928 D National Naval Aviation Museum, NAS Pensacola, Florida[3]
A-26B 41-39221 N26GT S South Mountain High School, Phoenix, Arizona. (On Mark Marksman)[4]
A-26B 41-39223 - R Ailes Anciennes, Toulouse, France[5]
A-26B "A-26C" 41-39230 139230 DA Commemorative Air Force, Enid, Oklahoma. N9682C, Named "Lady Liberty"[2][3]
A-26B 41-39288 5159 (FAB) D Museu Aeroespacial, Campo dos Afonsos, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil[6] (image)
A-26B 41-39303 434324 D Pacific Coast Air Museum, Santa Rosa, California. Named "City Of Santa Rosa"[3] (images)
A-26C 41-39327 863 (FACh) D Cerro Moreno AB, Antofagasta, Chile[7]
A-26B "A-26C" 41-39359 39359 A Marine Aviation Museum, Wilmington, Delaware.[8]
A-26B "A-26C" 41-39401 - R Fantasy of Flight, Polk City, Florida. N39401[3] Currently under restoration at Aero Trader in Chino, California[9]
A-26B 41-39427 437140 A Commemorative Air Force, Meacham Field, Texas. N240P[2][3]
A-26B 41-39472 435648 D Castle Air Museum, Castle Airport (former Castle AFB), Atwater, California.[3] (image)
A-26B 41-39516 0-139516 D Wings of Eagles Discovery Center, Horseheads, Elmira, New York[3]
A-26B 41-39537 840 (FACh) D Museo Nacional Aeronáutico y del Espacio de Chile, Cerrillos, Chile[10][11] (image)
A-26B "A-26C" 43-22258 434220 D Grand Forks AFB, Grand Forks, North Dakota[3] (image)
A-26B 43-22357 CF-BMS D British Columbia Aviation Museum, Sidney, British Columbia, Canada. (Civil air tanker configuration)[3] (image)
A-26B 43-22444 434156 D Vance AFB, Enid, Oklahoma[12][13]
A-26B "A-26C" 43-22494 322494 D Pima Air & Space Museum, Tucson, Arizona[4][14] (image)
A-26C "A-26B" 43-22499 322499 D New England Air Museum, Windsor Locks, Connecticut. Named "Reida Rae"[3]
A-26C 43-22602 - R MAPS Air Museum, Canton, Ohio.[15]
A-26C "B-26K" 43-22652 43652 D Jimmy Doolittle Air & Space Museum, Travis AFB, Fairfield, California[16]
A-26C 43-22653 (C-GPTW) S Bankstown Airport, Sydney, Australia[8]
A-26C "A-26B" 43-22679 612 D Royal Saudi Air Force Museum, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia[17]
A-26B 44-34104 N99420 A 1941 Historical Aircraft Group Museum, Geneseo, New York[2]
A-26B 44-34134 5176 (FAB) D? Museu de Armas e Veículos e Avioes Motorizados Antigos, Bebedouro, São Paulo, Brazil[12]
A-26B 44-34165 - S Air Force Flight Test Center Museum, Edwards AFB, California[3]
A-26B "A-26C" 44-34313 434313 A Black Crow Aviation, Santa Rosa, California. N4313, Named "Miss Michelle"[2][3]
A-26B "A-26C" 44-34423 434423 S Armed Forces and Aerospace Museum, Spokane Valley, Washington[3]
A-26B 44-34508 - R W.S. Glover, Mount Pleasant, Texas. N74874[2][4]
A-26B 44-34520 434520 A Lauridsen Aviation Museum, Buckeye, Arizona. N126HP, Named "Lu Lu"[2][3] (images)
A-26B 44-34535 937 S Museo del Aire, San Antonio de los Baños Air Base, Cuba[18]
A-26B "A-26C" 44-34538 434538 DA Lyon Air Museum, Santa Ana, California. N34538, Named "Feeding Frenzy"[2][3]
A-26B 44-34559 0-34559 D Mississippi Air National Guard - 172nd Airlift Wing, Jackson ANGB, Jackson, Mississippi[4]
A-26B 44-34602 434602 A Nordic Warbirds, Västerås, Sweden. N167B, named "Sugarland Express".[2] (images)
A-26B 44-34610 - S National Air and Space Museum, Chantilly, Virginia[3]
A-26B 44-34665 434665 D Strategic Air and Space Museum, Ashland, Nebraska[3] (images)
A-26B 44-34722 4434722 DA Jack Erickson / Erickson Aircraft Museum, Madras, Oregon. N3222T[2][3] (images)
A-26B 44-34741 848 (FACh) D Plaza de la Cultura Pablo Neruda, Mejillones, Chile[19]
A-26B 44-34746 - D VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) Post 382, El Reno, Oklahoma. Named "Sonny"[4]
A-26B "A-26C" 44-34749 434749 A Abrams Airborne Manufacturing Inc, Avra Valley, Arizona. N4959K, Named "Puss & Boots"[2][4]
A-26B 44-34759 - D Iranian Aerospace Exhibition Centre, Mehrabad, Iran[4]
A-26B 44-34765 434765 D Musée Royal de l'Armée, Brussels, Belgium. Named "Mission Completed"[4] (images)
A-26B 44-34766 N26BK A H.B. Keck / Thermco Aviation, Thermal, California[2]
A-26B 44-34769 434769 D Sea Link Aviation, Tanagra Air Base, Greece. N500MR[4]
A-26B "A-26C" 44-34773 435740 D Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace, Le Bourget, Paris, France[20]
A-26B 44-34778 RCAF 098 A Air Ross (1980) Inc, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. C-GWLT[4]
A-26C 44-35204 435204 D Laughlin AFB, Del Rio, Texas[3]
A-26C 44-35224 435224 D March Field Air Museum, March ARB, Riverside, California. Named "Midnight Endeavour"[3]
A-26C 44-35323 435323 DA Planes of Fame Grand Canyon, Valle, Arizona. N8026E, Named "Ahaulin"[2][3][21][22] (image)
A-26C 44-35326 435326 D Indiana Military Museum, Vincennes, Indiana.[23]
A-26C 44-35371 435371 S Marine Aviation Museum, Houston, Texas. N4818E[2]
A-26C "A-26B" 44-35439 435439 DA Evergreen Aviation Museum, McMinnville, Oregon N74833, Named "Margie".[2][3] (images)
A-26C "A-26B" 44-35440 931 D Wings Over Miami, Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport, Miami, Florida[3] (image)
A-26C 44-35444 844 D Republic of China Air Force Museum, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.[24]
A-26C "A-26B" 44-35456 N5625S A Wade Eagleton, Shafter, California. N5625S[2]
A-26C 44-35493 N576JB D War Eagles Air Museum, Santa Teresa, New Mexico[3]
A-26C 44-35504 - D Châteaudun Air Base, France[4]
A-26C 44-35508 2504 (FAC) D Apiay AFB, Villavicencio, Colombia[13]
A-26C "A-26B" 44-35523 435523 R Air Mobility Command Museum, Dover AFB, Dover, Delaware[3]
A-26C "A-26B" 44-35562 NL7079G A Alien Invaders Inc, Medina, Washington. Named "Sexy Sue"[2]
A-26C "A-26B" 44-35586 5156 (FAB) D Augusto Severo AB, Natal, Brazil[4]
A-26C 44-35596 0-435596 D Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii[3]
A-26C 44-35601 435601 DS Commemorative Air Force, Mesa, Arizona. N202R, Named "Miss Murphy"[2][3]
A-26C "A-26B" 44-35617 435617 D Hill Aerospace Museum, Hill AFB, Ogden, Utah. Named "Grim Reaper"[3]
A-26C "A-26B" 44-35620 404 (FAG) D Technical School, La Aurora, Guatemala[25]
A-26C "A-26B" 44-35627 435627 D Dodge City Airport, Dodge City, Kansas[4]
A-26C 44-35643 - R Commemorative Air Force, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. N626SH, Named "Lil Twister"[2][3]
A-26C 44-35696 4-35696 DR Collings Foundation / Aviation Museum of Texas, Uvalde, Texas. N8036E, Named "My Mary Lou"[2][3]
A-26C "A-26B" 44-35708 435708 A Classic Aircraft Aviation Museum, Hillsboro, Oregon. N26PJ[2][3] (image)
A-26C 44-35710 435710 DA Cavanaugh Flight Museum, Addison, Texas. N7705C, Named "Hard To Get"[2] (images)
A-26C "JD-1" 44-35721 435721 D Palm Springs Air Museum, Palm Springs, California. N9425Z, Named "Invader"[3] (images)
A-26C 44-35724 434517 D Southern Museum of Flight, Birmingham, Alabama. Named "Monie"[3]
A-26C 44-35732? 435732 D Museum of Aviation, Robins AFB, Warner Robins, Georgia[3] (images)
A-26C 44-35733 435733 D National Museum USAF, Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio. Named "Dream Girl"[3] (images)
A-26C "A-26B" 44-35752 435752 DR Carolinas Aviation Museum, Charlotte, North Carolina. Named "Rude Invader".[3]
A-26C 44-35778 2519 (FAC) D Museo Aeroespacial Colombiana, Eldorado Air Base, Bogotá, Colombia.[13] (image)
A-26C 44-35788 N126HK A Cactus Air Force Wings & Wheels, Carson City, Nevada[2]
A-26C 44-35859 - R Conservatoire de l'Air et de l'Espace d'Aquitaine, Bordeaux-Merignac Air Base, France[26]
A-26C "A-26B" 44-35892 4435892 D Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum, Pueblo, Colorado[3]
A-26C "A-26B" 44-35898 VH-VNI A R.W. McFarlane / Aviation Investments Pty, Archerfield, Brisbane, Australia[19]
A-26C "A-26B" 44-35911 435911 A George W Lancaster, Wilmington, North Carolina. N6840D, Named "Spirit of NC"[2][4]
A-26C "A-26B" 44-35913 4435913 D Dyess Linear Air Park, Dyess AFB, Abilene, Texas[3]
A-26C "A-26B" 44-35918 434287 D USAF History and Traditions Museum, Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas. Named "Versatile Lady"[3] (images)
A-26C 44-35937 435937 D Jackson Barracks Military Museum, New Orleans, Louisiana[3]
A-26C "A-26B" 44-35948 N381EC D Champaign Aviation Museum, Grimes Field, Urbana, Ohio. N381EC[2]
A-26C 44-35986 435884 D Selfridge Military Air Museum, Selfridge Air National Guard Base, Detroit, Michigan. Named "Stormy Weather"[3][27]
B-26K (A-26A) 64-17640 17640 D South Dakota Air and Space Museum, Ellsworth AFB, Rapid City, South Dakota[3][28]
B-26K (A-26A) 64-17651 64651 D KAI Aerospace Museum, Sachon, South Korea[29] (image)
B-26K (A-26A) 64-17653 64653 D Pima Air & Space Museum, Tucson, Arizona[3] (images)
B-26K (A-26A) 64-17666 64666 D Air Commando Park, Hurlburt Field, Florida[3] (image)
B-26K (A-26A) 64-17676 64676 D National Museum of the United States Air Force, Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio[3] (images)
B-26K (A-26A) 64-17679 N4988N A J.S. Reynolds, Fort Worth, Texas. Named "Special Kay" and currently undergoing restoration.[30]
A-26C unknown 227 (FAP) D Las Palmas AB, Lima, Peru[25]
A-26C unknown 226 (FAP) D Pisco AB, Peru[25]
A-26B unknown 601 (FAS) D Museo Nacional de Aviación, Ilopango AB, El Salvador[25] (image)
A-26B unknown M-264 (AURI) D Singosari AB, Abdulrachman Saleh, Malang, Java, Indonesia[31]
A-26B unknown M-265 (AURI) D Museum Dirgantara Mandala (TNI-AU Museum), Adisucipto AB, Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia[4]


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