Luang Pu Waen Suciṇṇo

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Luang Pho Waen Suciṇṇo
School Theravada
Dharma names Suciṇṇo
Nationality Thai
Born (1887-01-16)16 January 1887
Tambon Na Pong, Loei, Thailand
Died 2 July 1985(1985-07-02) (aged 98)
Religious career
Teacher Ven. Mun Bhuridatta

Luang Pho Waen Suciṇṇo (Thai: หลวงปู่แหวน สุจิณโณ, RTGS: Luang Pu Waen Su-Chin-No, also Phra Ajahn Waen Sujinno, popularly known as Luang Pho Waen meaning Venerable Grandfather; 16 February 1887 – 2 July 1985) was a monk in Thailand, and part of the Thai Forest Tradition.

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  • Acariya Maha Boowa: Venerable Acariya Mun Bhuridatta Thera, a Spiritual Biography. Wat Pa Baan Taad 2003, Baan Taad, Amphoe Muang, Udon Thani, 41000 Thailand (no ISBN, available at this address, or 4MB pdf-download here)