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Magnum In Motion is a multimedia offshoot of Magnum Photos, based in New York City. In Motion assembles interactive photo essays, podcasts and other formats for digital media, that draw upon the archives of Magnum photographers. The essays reflect themes of Magnum's photography: war, poverty, human development, and artistic identity. The essays have been featured by the popular U.S. News Magazine Slate and several other media outlets around the world.

Magnum In Motion was co-founded in 2004 by Claudine Boeglin, journalist and creative director (ex-managing editor of Colors and Le, founder of and Bjarke Myrthu (award winning journalist, author, educator) in close collaboration with director of Magnum New York, Mark Lubell. The Magnum In Motion stories are produced by a team of video and sound editors, musicians, visual artists, and journalists.

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