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The Robert Capa Gold Medal is an award for "best published photographic reporting from abroad requiring exceptional courage and enterprise".[1] It is awarded annually by the Overseas Press Club of America (OPC). It was created in honor of the war photographer Robert Capa. The first Robert Capa Gold Medal was awarded in 1955 to Howard Sochurek.[1]


Year Recipient Awarded For Organization
1955 Howard Sochurek Magnum for Life
1956 John Sadovy Life
1958 Paul Bruck Coverage of Lebanon CBS News
1959 Mario Biasetti CBS News
1960 Yung Su Kwon Coverage of Japanese riots at the time of James Hagerty's arrival NBC News
1962 Peter Dehmel and Klaus Dehmel "The Tunnel" NBC News
1963 Larry Burrows Color photographs of Vietnam War Life
1964 Horst Faas Coverage of Vietnam Associated Press
1965 Larry Burrows Life
1966 Henri Huet Associated Press
1967 David Douglas Duncan Life and ABC News
1968 John Olson "The Battle That Regained and Ruined Huế" Life
1969 Anonymous Czech Photographer
(Later revealed to be Josef Koudelka)
"A Death to Remember" Look
1970 Kyoichi Sawada United Press International
1971 Larry Burrows Life
1972 Clive W. Limpkin "Battle of Bogside" Penguin Books
1973 David Burnett, Raymond Depardon, and Chas Gerretsen[2] "Chili" Gamma Presse Images
1974 W. Eugene Smith Camera 35
1975 Dirck Halstead Coverage of Vietnam Time
1976 Catherine Leroy Coverage of street fighting in Beirut. Gamma for Time
1977 Eddie Adams "The Boat of No Smiles" (reporting on the Vietnamese boat people) Associated Press
1978 Susan Meiselas Time
1979 Kaveh Golestan Time
1980 Steve McCurry Time
1981 Rudi Frey Time
1982 Harry Mattison Time
1983 James Nachtwey "Lebanon" Time
1984 James Nachtwey "Photos of El Salvador" Black Star for Time
1985 Peter Magubane "Cry for Justice: Cry for Peace" Time
1986 James Nachtwey "Island at War" Time/GEO (German edition)
1987 Janet Knott "Democracy: What Price?" The Boston Globe
1988 Chris Steele-Perkins "Graveside Terror" Magnum for Time
1989 David Turnley "Revolutions in China and Romania" Black Star for The Detroit Free Press
1989 Bruce Haley Black Star for U.S. News & World Report
1991 Christopher Morris Black Star for Time
1992 Luc Delahaye "Sarajevo: Life in the War Zone" Sipa Press
1993 Paul Watson "Mogadishu" The Toronto Star
1994 James Nachtwey "Election Violence for South Africa" Magnum for Time
1995 Anthony Suau "Grozny: Russia's Nightmare" Time
1996 Corinne Dufka "Liberia: From a Dead Man's Wallet" Reuters
1997 Horst Faas/Tim Page "Requiem: By the Photographers Who Died in Vietnam and Indochina" Random House
1998 James Nachtwey "Indonesia: Descent into Madness" Magnum for Time
1999 John Stanmeyer "The Killing of Bernardino Guterres in Dili, East Timor" SABA for Time
2000 Chris Anderson "Desperate Passage" Aurora for The New York Times Magazine,
2001 Luc Delahaye "Afghanistan" Magnum for Newsweek
2002 Carolyn Cole "Church of the Nativity: In the Center of the Siege" The Los Angeles Times
2003 Carolyn Cole "Covering Conflict: Iraq and Liberia" The Los Angeles Times
2004 Ashley Gilbertson "The Battle for Fallujah" Aurora for The New York Times
2005 Chris Hondros "One Night In Tal Afar" Getty Images
2006 Paolo Pellegrin "True Pain: Israel & Hizbullah" Magnum
2007 John Moore "The Assassination of Benazir Bhutto" Getty Images
2008 Shaul Schwarz "Violence in Kenya following the December 2007 presidential election" Getty Images
2009 Khalil Hamra "War in Gaza" Associated Press
2010 Agnes Dherbeys Violence Erupts in Thailand Freelance for The New York Times
2011 André Liohn "Almost Dawn in Libya" coverage of the 2011 Libyan Civil War Prospekt Photographers, European Pressphoto Agency for Newsweek - ICRC
2012 Fabio Bucciarelli Battle to Death Freelance for AFP
2013 Tyler Hicks Attack on a Kenyan Mall The New York Times
2014 Marcus Bleasdale 'Inferno:Central African Republic' Human Rights Watch, National Geographic


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