Rural Municipality of Maple Bush No. 224

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The Rural municipality of Maple Bush No.224 is located in southwestern Saskatchewan, Canada it surrounds the outskirts of Elbow.

Maple Bush, Saskatchewan tourism attracts many visitors each summer due to the lake to which it is connected (Lake Diefenbaker) and the provincial park known as Douglas Park.

According to the Canada 2001 Census:

  • Population:208
  •  % change (1989-1996):
  • Dwellings:132
  • Area (km².):
  • density (persons per km².):1.2


These communities are located within the municipality.


Resort Villages



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Coordinates: 50°58′52″N 106°46′20″W / 50.98111°N 106.77222°W / 50.98111; -106.77222