Ekari people

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Ekari people
Mee / Bunani Mee
Ekagi / Kapauku
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Papua province, Indonesia
Ekagi language
Christianity (95%), Islam (2%), other ethnic religions (3%)[1]

The Mee (also Bunani Mee, Ekari, Ekagi, Kapauku) people from Paniai_Regency in the Wissel Lakes area of the Papua province (formerly Central Irian Jaya), West Papua (western part of the island of New Guinea), Indonesia.[2] They speak the Ekagi language.

Representations in Media[edit]

  • National Geographic aired the film Tribal Odyssey: The Chief Who Talks to God: The Mee, Papua in 2005 as part of its Tribal Odyssey series.[3]


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