Ekari people

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Ekari people
Mee / Bunani Mee
Ekagi / Kapauku
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Papua province, Indonesia
Ekagi language
Christianity (95%), Islam (2%), other ethnic religions (3%)[1]

The Mee (also Bunani Mee, Ekari, Ekagi, Kapauku) people from Paniai Regency in the Wissel Lakes area of the Papua province (formerly Central Irian Jaya), West Papua (western part of the island of New Guinea), Indonesia.[2] They speak the Ekagi language.

Representations in Media[edit]

  • National Geographic aired the film Tribal Odyssey: The Chief Who Talks to God: The Mee, Papua in 2005 as part of its Tribal Odyssey series.[3]


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