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Mei Lam Estate
Mei Lam Shopping Centre
The footbridge across Tai Wai Nullah, connecting two sides of Mei Lam Estate
Mei Lam Sports Centre

Mei Lam Estate (Chinese: 美林邨) is a public housing estate in Tai Wai, Sha Tin District, New Territories, Hong Kong,[1] located on both sides of Tai Wai Nullah (sometimes referred to as the upper stream of Shing Mun River) and near Mei Chung Court, May Shing Court and the Shing Mun Tunnels.


The estate consists of 4 residential buildings, a shopping centre and a sports centre. It is divided into 3 phases. Phase 1 (Mei Fung House, Mei Yeung House, Mei Tao House and Mei Lam Shopping Centre) are located at the south side of Tai Wai Nullah, while Phase 2 (Mei Wai House)[2] and Phase 3 (Mei Lam Sports Centre)[3] are located at the north side. The two sides are connected by a footbridge. The estate comprises a total 4,100 rental flats, of sizes ranging from 10.8 m2 to 64.7 m2. The authorized population was 11,400 as at end December 2007.[4]

Mei Lam Estate Phase 1 and Mei Lam Sports Centre won the Certificate of Merit and the Silver Medal of HKIA in 1982 and 1987 respectively.[5]


Name Type[4] Completion[4]
Mei Fung House (美楓樓) Double I 1981
Mei Yeung House (美楊樓) Old Slab
Mei Tao House (美桃樓) Triple H 1982
Mei Wai House (美槐樓) Trident 1 1985

May Shing Court[edit]

From left to right: Yat Shing House and Fai Shing House of May Shing Court, Mei Wai House of Mei Lam Estate. Upper Shing Mun River in the foreground.

May Shing Court (Chinese: 美城苑) is an estate located near Mei Lam Estate and Mei Chung Court. It has 3 residential blocks completed in 1984 and 1985 respectively.[6][7][8]


Name[6] Type Completion
Kwai Shing House Windwill 1984
Yat Shing House Trident 2 1985
Fai Shing House

Mei Chung Court[edit]

Mei Chung Court

Mei Chung Court (Chinese: 美松苑) is located near Mei Lam Estate. It has 6 residential blocks completed in 1996.[7][9]


Name[9] Type Completion
Fu Chung House NCB 1996
Lai Chung House
Hing Chung House
Shing Chung House
Hong Chung House
Lok Chung House


Access to Mei Lam Estate by public transportation:[3]

Tai Wai Station
Buses [10]

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