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So Uk Estate
So Uk Estate Cedar House & Maple House
So Uk Estate abandoned Gas Station
So Uk Estate Access
So Uk Estate Open Space
So Uk Estate Mosaic Map

So Uk Estate (Chinese: 蘇屋邨) is an early public housing estate in So Uk, a hillside area of Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong. The estate is now undergoing redevelopment, and new housing blocks are being built in place of the ones demolished.


First generation[edit]

The estate was built on the site of squatter areas which were demolished for the construction of the estate of 16 blocks from 1955–1963.[1] The blocks were called "Houses" and named after varieties of flowers. Unlike many highly standardised public housing estates built afterward, the architectural design of the estate was unique in Hong Kong. There were 5,316 flats in the original estate, with areas ranging from 19.5 to 49.1m2, with capacity of 15,200.[2]

Planning of the estate was carried out by Eric Cumine, with buildings designed by Luke Him Sau, Chau & Lee and Leigh & Orange.[3]

The estate was the home of many famous individuals during their youth in Hong Kong, for example, Sam Hui and his brothers, Wong Ka Kui and his brother in the band Beyond, and many others.

Second generation[edit]

By 2008, after 48 years, the estate was still in good condition but its estimated high maintenance cost made the Hong Kong Housing Authority decide to demolish the six blocks in March 2012 . The Authority will compensate residents and aid in their move. It has also allowed residents the option of moving into Un Chau Estate Phases 2, 4, and 5 in Sham Shui Po.[4]

A foundation titled, "Farewell So Uk" was established as a historical archive for the Estate and to document its history of its residents. It was sponsored by the Salvation Army of Hong Kong and the Salisbury YMCA.

As of 2015, construction of the new So Uk Estate is well underway. The new estate will comprise 14 blocks ranging from 21 to 41 storeys high with nearly 7,000 flats.[5] The Housing Department won a Merit Award from the Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design in 2014 for their community-minded redevelopment approach.[6]

The first phase of the redevelopment was completed in August 2016 and the intake of the first tenants will commence at the end of September 2016.[7]


Buildings closed / demolished before 2012[edit]

  • Cedar House (金松樓)
  • Cherry House (櫻桃樓)
  • Orchid House (蘭花樓)
  • Gladiolus House (劍蘭樓)
  • Carnation House (石竹樓)
  • Peony House (牡丹樓)
  • Maple House (楓林樓)
  • Willow House (綠柳樓)
  • Marigold House (壽菊樓)
  • Lilac House (丁香樓)

Buildings closed in 2012[edit]

  • Azalea House (杜鵑樓)
  • Begonia House (海棠樓)
  • Camelia House (茶花樓)
  • Larkspur House (彩雀樓)
  • Lily House (百合樓)
  • Lotus House (荷花樓)

New generation[edit]

The redeveloped estate will comprise 14 blocks of 21-41 storeys each. The buildings will reuse some of the names of the earlier blocks.

English name Chinese name Building type Floors Phase Completion
Orchid House (Block 1) 蘭花樓 Non-standard block(L-type) 23 1 2016
Marigold House (Block 2) 壽菊樓 Non-standard block(Z-type) 23
Peony House (Block 3) 牡丹樓 22
Cedar House (Block 4) 金松樓 Non-standard block (L-type) 29
Willow House (Block 5) 綠柳樓 29
Cherry House (Block 6) 櫻桃樓 25
Amenity and Community Building 7
Camellia House (Block 14) 茶花樓 Non-standard block 2017/2018
Lotus House (Block 7) 荷花樓 2 2018/2019
Lily House (Block 8) 百合樓
Larkspur House (Block 9) 彩雀樓
Gladiolus House (Block 11A) 劍蘭樓
Carnation House (Block 11B) 石竹樓
Azalea House (Block 12) 杜鵑樓
Begonia House (Block 13) 海棠樓
Commercial centre 2


The estate is adjacent to the So Uk Bus Terminus, which has remained open throughout redevelopment of the estate. It is served by several Kowloon Motor Bus routes.

So Uk Estate is also within walking distance of Cheung Sha Wan Station of the Mass Transit Railway (MTR).

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