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This article is a list of Mike Oldfield concert tours. The larger of the tours have separate articles. Oldfield has performed in concerts since his youth, and most recently performed in 2012.


Oldfield's career began fairly early in his life, playing acoustic guitar in local folk clubs. Oldfield had been touring as a musician with various acts in his early life, including with the Sallyangie, Barefoot, and Kevin Ayers & the Whole World. Following the release of his debut solo album in 1973, Tubular Bells, Oldfield performed a premiere concert in London. The founder of Virgin Records, Richard Branson, gave Oldfield a Bentley motor car to entice him into playing.[1]

Oldfield did not tour for the following six years, until 1979, when he toured Europe in support of his Incantations album. This first tour produced an album, Exposed. Oldfield then toured every year until 1984, promoting albums.

During the 1990s Oldfield toured twice, for Tubular Bells II and Live Then & Now 1999, the later promoted both the Guitars and Tubular Bells III albums. Oldfield finished the 20th century by performing a one off concert on New Year's Eve 1999 in Berlin. During the 2000s Oldfield performed at the Night of the Proms concerts in 2006 and 2007, and premiered his Music of the Spheres album in 2008.

Tubular Bells - Premiere[edit]

Country Date City Venue
Great Britain 25/06/1973 London Queen Elizabeth Hall

Tour of Europe 1979[edit]

In Concert 1980[edit]

European Adventure Tour 1981[edit]

Five Miles Out World Tour 1982[edit]

Crises Tour 1983[edit]

Discovery Tour 1984[edit]

Charity Concerts 1986[edit]

Country Date City Venue Notes
Great Britain 06/02/1986 London Hammersmith Odeon With Marillion
09/02/1986 London Royal Albert Hall The Colombian Volcano Concert

Tubular Bells II 20th Anniversary Tour 1992/93[edit]

Tubular Bells III - Premiere[edit]

Country Date City Venue Notes
Great Britain 04/09/1998 London Horse Guards Parade Released on Video
31/10/1998 London BBC Studio Later with Jools Holland

Live Then & Now 1999[edit]

The Millennium Bell - Premiere[edit]

Country Date City Venue Notes
Germany 31/12/1999 Berlin Siegessäule Art In Heaven, released on Video

Nokia Night of the Proms 2006[edit]

Country Date City Venue Notes
Belgium 27/10/2006 Antwerp Sportpaleis Rehearsal
Germany 01/12/2006 Hamburg Color Line Arena
02/12/2006 Hamburg Color Line Arena
03/12/2006 Hannover TUI Arena
05/12/2006 Erfurt Messehalle
07/12/2006 München Olympiahalle
08/12/2006 München Olympiahalle
09/12/2006 München Olympiahalle
10/12/2006 München Olympiahalle
12/12/2006 Bremen AWD Dome
13/12/2006 Dortmund Westfalenhalle
14/12/2006 Düsseldorf ISS Dome
15/12/2006 Köln Kölnarena
16/12/2006 Köln Kölnarena
17/12/2006 Oberhausen König-Pilsener-Arena
19/12/2006 Mannheim SAP Arena
20/12/2006 Stuttgart Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle
21/12/2006 Frankfurt Festhalle
22/12/2006 Frankfurt Festhalle

Night of the Proms 2007[edit]

Country Date City Venue
Spain 30/03/2007 Valencia Velódromo Luis Puig
31/03/2007 Madrid Palacio de Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid

Music of the Spheres - Premiere[edit]

Country Date City Venue
Spain 07/03/2008 Bilbao Guggenheim Museum

2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony[edit]

Country Date City Venue Notes
United Kingdom 27/07/2012 London Olympic Stadium 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony


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