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Mineola station (LIRR)

Coordinates: 40°44′25″N 73°38′28″W / 40.740291°N 73.641025°W / 40.740291; -73.641025
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Mineola station in August 2022
General information
LocationFront Street and Mineola Boulevard
Mineola, New York
Coordinates40°44′25″N 73°38′28″W / 40.740291°N 73.641025°W / 40.740291; -73.641025
Owned byLong Island Rail Road
Distance18.5 mi (29.8 km) from Long Island City[1]
Platforms2 side platforms
ConnectionsLocal Transit Nassau Inter-County Express (see below)
Bicycle facilitiesYes
Other information
Fare zone4
Opened1837; 187 years ago (1837)
Rebuilt1872; 152 years ago (1872),
1883; 141 years ago (1883),
1923; 101 years ago (1923),
2001; 23 years ago (2001),
2007; 17 years ago (2007),
2020; 4 years ago (2020) (In progress)
ElectrifiedOctober 1926; 97 years ago (1926-10)
750 V (DC) third rail
Previous namesBranch, Hempstead Branch
Preceding station Long Island Rail Road Following station
Merillon Avenue Port Jefferson Branch Carle Place
Elmont-UBS Arena
limited service
Jamaica Oyster Bay Branch East Williston
toward Oyster Bay
Jamaica Ronkonkoma Branch Hicksville
toward Greenport
Elmont-UBS Arena
limited service
Jamaica Montauk Branch
limited service
toward Montauk
Former services
Preceding station Long Island
Rail Road
Following station
Merillon Avenue Main Line Carle Place
toward Greenport
Terminus Oyster Bay Branch East Williston
toward Oyster Bay
Hempstead Crossing West Hempstead Branch Terminus
Proposed services
Preceding station Amtrak Following station
Jamaica Northeast Regional Hicksville
toward Ronkonkoma

The Mineola Intermodal Center is an intermodal center and transportation hub in the village of Mineola, Nassau County, New York, U.S. It contains the Mineola Long Island Rail Road station – one of the railroad's busiest stations – in addition to one of the Nassau Inter-County Express bus system's main hubs, located adjacent to the southern train platform.

The Mineola station was the eighth-busiest station on the Long Island Rail Road as of 2006, in terms of weekday boardings, with 10,348 boardings per day; all trains on the Main Line (Port Jefferson & Ronkonkoma Branches) and Oyster Bay Branch run through the station, as well as a few for the Montauk Branch.


The Mineola station house with the newly constructed Morgan Parc apartments behind it in 2021, an example of transit-oriented development

The Mineola Intermodal Center lies in the center of the village of the same name. Specifically, it is situated to the west of Mineola Boulevard between Station Road to the south and Front Street to the north.

As one of the LIRR's busiest stations and near the center of Nassau County, the Village of Mineola Planning Committee created a master plan for the town meant to encourage transit-oriented development within a few blocks' radius of the station. Much of the plan involves creating links in the surrounding street grid, streetscape improvements, and pedestrian zones.[3] The Long Island Index, which aggregates data and plans about the island, has listed Mineola as one of the most high-profile targets for smart growth.


The Nassau Tower and substation in front of the pedestrian crossing.

Mineola station was originally built on the south side of the tracks in 1837 as "Branch station", then later renamed "Hempstead Branch station" when the Long Island Railroad was expanded to Hicksville. The station was renovated in June 1872, but a second depot was built between May and June 1883. This station was razed in 1923, and the third one was relocated to the north side of the tracks on September 22, 1923.[4] The enclosed shelter was built at the old station house's location (See below). A reconstruction project took place in 2001.

With its connection to the Oyster Bay Branch, the Mineola station has always been a major railroad junction, but even more so in the 19th and much of the 20th Century. On the south side of the station, a wye existed between the power sub-station[5] for a line that connected the West Hempstead Branch with the Oyster Bay Branch.[6] Sometimes referred to as the Garden City Branch, the east branch of this wye began at Third Street then crossed Main Street, then the main line itself before connecting with the Oyster Bay Branch until it was eliminated in 1928.[7] The rest of the line was eliminated in 1966.[8]

Station enhancements[edit]

Station platforms in 2017 (top), and 2021 (bottom) with new platforms under construction to accommodate addition of the third track

As part of the LIRR third track project, renovation of infrastructure around the Mineola station began in late 2018.[9][10] Both platforms would be replaced and Platform B would be relocated. Canopies, benches, signage, and security cameras would be installed. The new platforms would be heated to facilitate snow removal. Amenities such as Wi-Fi, USB charging stations, artwork, and digital information displays would also be included as part of the renovations.[10]

The construction of a new parking structure at Harrison Avenue began in fall 2018,[9][11] followed by the start of reconstruction on the station itself in early 2019.[9][10] The Second Street parking lot would also be expanded,[12] and a park and ride parking lot at Main Street would be built.[13] The dangerous grade crossing at Main Street was closed and replaced with a pedestrian overpass with two elevators.[14] Additionally, the grade crossing at Willis Avenue further east of the station was eliminated and replaced with an underpass.[15] The construction of the third track also required the replacement of a substation at the intersection of Main and Front Streets.[16]

Station layout[edit]

Mineola has two side platforms and three tracks, both slightly-offset to accommodate 12 cars. The middle express track allows trains to bypass the station. The main station house is on the north side of the tracks, at Front Street and Mineola Boulevard. The station is wheelchair accessible and has a crossover for pedestrians. A smaller enclosed shelter is on the opposite (south) side of the tracks. The Oyster Bay Branch diverges at a junction just east of the station.

Generally, westbound trains use Platform A and eastbound trains use Platform B, though all Oyster Bay Branch trains use platform A. The station is bypassed by select Port Jefferson Branch, Ronkonkoma Branch, and Oyster Bay Branch trains, and by most Montauk Branch trains.

M Mezzanine Crossover between platforms and to parking garage
Platform level
Platform A, side platform Disabled access
Track 3      Port Jefferson Branch toward Grand Central Madison, Long Island City, or Penn Station (Merillon Avenue)
     Oyster Bay Branch toward Long Island City or Penn Station (Jamaica)
     Ronkonkoma Branch toward Grand Central Madison or Penn Station (Jamaica)
     Montauk Branch AM rush hours toward Long Island City (Jamaica)
     Oyster Bay Branch toward Oyster Bay (East Williston) →
Track 1 ← Express Track →
Track 2      Montauk Branch PM rush hours toward Patchogue or Montauk (Hicksville)
     Ronkonkoma Branch toward Farmingdale or Ronkonkoma (Hicksville)
     Port Jefferson Branch toward Huntington or Port Jefferson (Carle Place)
Platform B, side platform Disabled access
Street level Exit/entrance and buses

Bus station[edit]

Nassau Inter-County Express, or NICE (formerly MTA Long Island Bus), operates bus service to the Mineola Intermodal Center's bus station, located on the south side of the hub's Long Island Rail Road station. Prior to the opening of the intermodal center on October 16, 2006, bus stops were located at Third Street, a block away from the station.[17][18] Five NICE routes stop there, as well as local taxicab services.

The Mineola Intermodal Center's bus station, as seen in June 2009.

Nassau Inter-County Express routes[edit]

Route Termini Via
n15 Terminus Long Beach LIRR station County Seat Drive, Woodfield Road, Long Beach Road
(rush hours only)
at 165th Street
Bus Terminal
LIRR Station

Hillside Avenue, Westbury Avenue, Prospect Avenue, West John Street

Terminus Manorhaven Mineola Boulevard, Willis Avenue, Main Street (Roslyn), Port Washington Boulevard, New Shore Road
at 165th Street
Bus Terminal
LIRR Station
Hillside Avenue, Jericho Turnpike, Old Country Road
Terminus Freeport
LIRR Station
Franklin Street, Columbia Street, Main Street (Hempstead), Nassau Road/North Main Street


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