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Rutgers Campus Buses
Rutgers LX bus rear.JPG
An LX Bus on College Avenue preparing to turn left onto Hamilton Street
Parent Rutgers University
Service area New Brunswick, Newark, and Piscataway
Routes 15 (weekdays); 3 (weekends)
Destinations 6
Fleet 50
Daily ridership 70,000 (daily); 6 million (annually)
Fuel type biodiesel
Operator First Transit
Director Jack Molenaar
Website Campus Buses

Rutgers Campus Buses are a zero-fare bus service used by students at the New Brunswick and Newark campuses. It is the second-largest bus service in New Jersey, after NJ Transit. Service is provided by First Transit all year round, including weekends and holidays. Shuttle service is also provided for students (such as the "Knight Mover" when the New Brunswick campus transit system is not in service).


Rutgers began to install new bus shelters in the summer of 2010. The new shelters incorporate red roofs to cast a red tone on the sidewalk, showcasing university colors.

Director Jack Molenaar announced that the L route would be discontinued due to budget cuts, effective 28 August 2010. Molenaar called the bus a "relic" and said it was "slowest and most underutilized" of the bus routes.[1] There was significant opposition to the move, especially from graduate students and Highland Park residents who had already made housing arrangements expecting the bus to be there. After 600 people signed an online petition calling for its reinstitution,[2][3] a temporary LXc route was created for the 2010-11 school year, stopping at Cedar Lane every 30 minutes.[4] A second bus was later added to shorten wait times to 15 minutes. In addition, the three weekend buses (A, EE, L) were reorganized into two all campus loop buses (1 and 2).

After the contract with previous operator Academy Bus expired on June 30, 2011, First Transit took over campus shuttle service.[5] The main reason cited for the switch is cost. First Transit will refurbish existing buses and supply new ones for a total of 50 buses that use 20% biodiesel and feature automatic stop announcements, whereas now drivers may or may not announce stops.[6][7]

Academy has filed a lawsuit against the University over the loss of the contract.[8][9] Despite the loss of shuttle operations, the company continues to provide the chartered bus operations used for tours and other events.

Rutgers expanded their bus service to the Newark campus beginning September 1, 2014.[10] The new Rutgers-logo fleet of buses utilize the NextBus system and real-time status is available via the official Rutgers app.


New Brunswick Campus[edit]

There are 9 routes on weekdays and 2 routes on weekends and holidays.

Weekday Transit Lines[edit]

  • A - College Avenue / Busch (Clockwise on Busch) - After 9pm, service between Busch and College Ave is reliant upon the "H" bus
  • B - Busch / Livingston
  • C - Busch Commuter Loop
  • EE - College Avenue / Douglass / Cook via George Street
  • F - College Avenue / Douglass / Cook via Route 18
  • H - Busch / College Avenue (Counter Clockwise on Busch)
  • LX - College Avenue / Livingston
  • REXB - Busch / Douglass
  • REXL - Douglass / Livingston

Weekend and Breaks[edit]

  • Weekend 1 - College Ave / Busch / Livingston / Douglass / Cook
  • Weekend 2 - College Avenue / Douglass / Cook / Livingston / Busch

The weekend bus runs every weekend during the Fall and Spring semesters. During the Summer and Spring/Winter Breaks, this route becomes the primary weekday route, and uses the names of the specific break in the headline of the bus. For example, during Summer Semester the buses will read "Summer 1 or 2." For winter break, the bus will read "Winter 1 or 2," etc. The routes, however, do not change. They still follow the "Weekend 1 or 2" schedule.

Special Break Service

  • All Campus - College Avenue / Busch / Livingston / College Ave / Cook / Douglass

All campus service runs on weekends during the Summer and over Spring/Winter Break. It also serves as the primary bus route during holidays (Thanksgiving, Holiday Recess, Memorial Day, Fourth of July).

Newark Campus[edit]

There are 4 routes on weekdays and 1 night service running seven nights a week.

Weekday Transit Lines[edit]

  • Campus Connect - Boyden Hall / NJIT / ICPH / Medical School / ECC / Washington Park / Broad St
  • Penn Station - Penn Station / Medical School / University Hospital / ICPH / Blumenthal Hall
  • Kearny - NJIT / Boyden Hall / Kearny
  • Penn Station Express - Penn Station / Medical School / University Hospital (7-10am and 3-7pm only)

Special Night Service[edit]

  • Penn Station Midnight Express - Penn Station / Boyden Hall

The Midnight Express operates seven days a week from midnight to 4am between Boyden Hall and Penn Station.




First Transit was awarded the transit contract by the University, and replaced Academy Bus in July 2011. Rutgers now has more 40-foot buses, and the existing New Flyers have been upgraded.[6] A series of other changes have also taken place:

  • All buses now have automated stop annunciation to conform with the Americans with Disabilities Act[11]
  • Additional weekend buses have been added, with three running at a time at the latest hours of night
  • Buses run on Biodiesel and produce near-zero NOx and PM emissions[12]

Alternative plans[edit]

Several times over the past decade, it has been suggested that the bus system be partially or fully replaced with bus rapid transit (BRT), monorail, or light rail.[13][14] Closing College Avenue to non-bus motor vehicle traffic was also proposed, but indefinitely canceled in February 2010, due to excessive costs.[15] Current plans are for incorporating the Rutgers bus system into the proposed New Brunswick Bus Rapid Transit, which would be centered on the New Brunswick Station near the intersection of Route 18 and Route 27.[16][17]

Shuttle Buses[edit]

New Brunswick[edit]

  • New BrunsQuick Shuttle 1
  • New BrunsQuick Shuttle 2

During the Fall & Spring Semesters: The “Shuttle 1” and "Shuttle 2" buses run on weekdays between College Ave, the New Brunswick Train Station, and select stops in New Brunswick. During Summer and Fall/Spring Breaks, only "Shuttle 1" is in operation.


  • Run run

The "Run run" route is an intracampus shuttle that runs seven days a week (except holidays), and performs a loop around the Newark campus. The bus stops at Boyden Hall, Golden Dome, CLJ (Rutgers Law), 15 Washington, Broad St. Station, and the Physical Plant. During the morning and evening there is an additional stop at Newark Penn Station.


  • Shuttle bus service

During the academic year, the Department of Parking and Transportation Services provides a shuttle bus that travels between the main parking lot (Lot 11) to Third Street in front of Campus Center. After 8 p.m., an additional bus runs from Fifth Street, under the law school bridge.

Buses Gallery[edit]


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