Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (Spain)

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation
Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y de Cooperación
Agency overview
Formed 4 December 1714
as "First Secretary of State"
Preceding agency
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1938-2008)
Jurisdiction Government of Spain
Headquarters Santa Cruz Palace, Madrid
Minister responsible
Child agencies
Palacio de Santa Cruz (Madrid), Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs headquarters.

The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (Spanish: Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y de Cooperación) is the department of Government of Spain responsible for Spain's foreign relations. The present incumbent of the office is José Manuel García-Margallo of the People's Party (PP).

The official mission statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain is:[1]

  • To plan, direct, execute and evaluate Spain's external policies.
  • To co-ordinate and improve Spain's relations with other nations and with international organisations.
  • To promote the economic, cultural and scientific relations of Spain.
  • To develop Spain's economic, cultural and scientific relationships with other nations.
  • To direct the International Co-Operation Policy on Development.
  • To protect Spanish citizens in foreign areas and to participate in the proposal and implementation of external policy.

Subordinate to the Ministry, there are several Secretaries of State within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, responsible for distinct areas of policy (e.g., the Secretary of State for Latin America).

The Spanish Foreign Ministry coordinates with the Royal Household of the king on diplomatic engagements internationally. Additionally, the Minister of Foreign Affairs is by law the Chancellor of the Order of Isabella the Catholic, an Order given both to Spanish citizens and foreigners whom Spain considers praiseworthy. The king remains the patron of the Order.

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