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This is a list of diplomatic missions of Iran. Iran has a substantial diplomatic network, reflecting its foreign affairs priorities within the Islamic and Non-Aligned world.

In Washington, D.C. the Embassy of Pakistan looks after the interests of Iran in the United States.[1]

Iranian diplomatic missions






Multilateral organizations[edit]


Non-resident embassies[edit]

  1.  Maldives (Colombo)
  2.  Laos (Hanoi)
  3.  Hong Kong (Beijing)
  4.  Macau (Beijing)
  5.  Timor-Leste (Jakarta)
  6.    Nepal (New Delhi)
  7.  Bhutan (New Delhi)
  8.  Taiwan (Tokyo)
  9.  South Sudan (Addis Ababa)
  10.  Benin (Abuja)
  11.  Togo (Accra)
  12.  Eritrea (Addis Ababa)
  13.  Djibouti (Addis Ababa)
  14.  Mauritius (Antanarivo)
  15.  Seychelles (Nairobi)
  16.  Moldova (Bucharest)
  17.  Liberia (Abidjan)
  18.  Burkina Faso (Accra)
  19.  Guinea-Bissau (Conakry)
  20.  Gambia (Dakar)
  21.  Cape Verde (Lisbon)
  22.  Central African Republic (Abuja)
  23.  Chad (Niamey)
  24.  Cameroon (Abuja)
  25.  Equatorial Guinea (Abuja)
  26.  Republic of the Congo (Kinshasa)
  27.  Gabon (Kinshasa)
  28.  Zambia (Harare)
  29.  Mozambique (Pretoria)
  30.  Botswana (Pretoria)
  31.  Lesotho (Pretoria)
  32.  Eswatini (Pretoria)
  33.  Montenegro (Sarajevo)
  34.  Fiji (Wellington)
  35.  Slovakia (Budapest)
  36.  Lithuania (Warsaw)
  37.  Latvia (Stockholm)
  38.  Estonia (Helsinki)
  39.  Iceland (Oslo)
  40.  Guatemala (Mexico City)
  41.  Belize (Mexico City)
  42.  El Salvador (Managua)
  43.  Honduras (Managua)
  44.  Costa Rica (Managua)
  45.  Panama (Bogota)
  46.  Peru (Quito)
  47.  Trinidad and Tobago (Caracas)
  48.  Paraguay (Montevideo)

Diplomatic Missions to Open[edit]

Former Embassies[edit]


  1. ^ The Iranian Embassy to the Holy See is located outside Vatican territory in Rome.


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