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The minor fictional characters in Monkey Island are fictional characters who appear in the Monkey Island series of adventure games by LucasArts. Monkey Island games also feature their own array of unseen characters.

Bob the Ghost Pirate[edit]

Bob is seemingly LeChuck's right hand man in the The Secret of Monkey Island. He warns LeChuck of Guybrush Threepwood's arrival on Melee Island and discusses Guybrush's progress with LeChuck throughout the game.

Bob's head often comes loose from his body and is often seen bouncing around like a hackysack. At the end of the first Monkey Island game, Guybrush finally encounters Bob, who had been left behind by the Ghost Pirate ship after his head had fallen into the surrounding lava. Bob informs Guybrush of LeChuck and Elaine's wedding and then apparently leaves with Guybrush and his friend Herman Toothrot to Melee Island. Alternatively, tenacious players have the option of having Guybrush destroy Bob.

Captain Dread[edit]

Captain Dread appeared in the second game, Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge. Though foreshadowed as something of a fearsome pirate, the captain's name is actually a reference to his hairstyle - he is a Jamaican and wears dreadlocks. When Guybrush first meets Dread, one of the comment options is "Natty Dreads", to which Dread replies "Thanks, Mon". Dread alludes to the true origin of the 'Head of the Navigator' from the first game, The Secret of Monkey Island, when he tells Guybrush about his own encounter with the Monkey Island Cannibals and the fate of his former Navigator.

In the second act, after the lifting of the Largo Embargo and securing a new 'eye of the world' lucky necklace; Captain Dread serves as Guybrush Threepwood's mode of transportation between three islands, Scabb Island, Booty Island and Phatt Island, on board his houseboat, the Jolly Rasta. He has not reappeared in any Monkey Island game since.

Captain Smirk[edit]

In the first game in the series, The Secret of Monkey Island, Captain Smirk appears as the fight trainer on Melee Island. Smirk is a gruff chain smoking man, who apparently has a long history of training and piracy on Melee Island.

After training Guybrush with his strange fighting apparatus known as "THE MACHINE"; Captain Smirk introduces Guybrush to the concept of insult swordfighting using such insults as "You fight like a dairy farmer" and the comeback "How appropriate, you fight like a cow". At the end of the lessons Guybrush is prepared to do battle with any and all pirates he encounters on Melee Island on his way to meet Captain Smirk's old friend Carla the Swordmaster.

It is later revealed in Escape from Monkey Island, that Australian Land Developer Ozzie Mandrill drove Smirk off Melee Island after he beat him in a game of Insult Gin Rummy; Smirk was rendered homeless and was so ashamed he got the next ship out of Melee Island. His fate is unknown after his defeat by Mandrill.

Australian politician Peter Costello has the nickname of Captain Smirk.

Carla the Swordmaster[edit]

In the first game in the series, The Secret of Monkey Island, Carla was initially the famed Swordmaster of Mêlée Island, who lived in secret isolation, her location known by very few. The Storekeeper of Melee Island is known to have a huge crush on Carla and mistakenly leads Guybrush Threepwood right to her. After her defeat at 'insult swordfighting' and the kidnapping of Governor Marley, Carla agrees to join Guybrush's crew and set sail to Monkey Island. She and her crew mates, Meathook and Otis, mutiny and are later marooned on Monkey Island and captured by the Cannibals.

Eventually, she managed to Escape from Monkey Island by the fourth game. She joined Guybrush's crew again, against her better judgment, when he managed to arrange a Cushy Government Job for her on her return.

Carla was voiced in Escape From Monkey Island by Pamela Tyson.

Herman Toothrot[edit]

Herman is based on the typical shipwrecked, big-bearded sailor who appears in many desert island adventures, other examples being Ben Gunn from the novel Treasure Island and Robinson Crusoe, not to mention many a comic story which features similar marooned white men. He has appeared in some form in every game of the series, with an increasingly prominent role in the fourth game of the series, Escape from Monkey Island. In Escape, Herman's backstory was entirely rewritten, causing severe continuity errors. He was revealed to have amnesia and in reality be Horatio Tuarqemada Marley, the governor of Melee Island, who had been assumed to be dead. This is inconsistent with his original backstory from the first Monkey Island game, and Escape does not explain the resulting plot holes.

Guybrush Threepwood meets Herman in the first game of the series, The Secret of Monkey Island. Herman is an old, ragged castaway who was shipwrecked on Monkey Island, where he has lived for over 20 years, losing a little bit of memory and sanity in the meantime. According to Herman, his ship sank long ago after finding the mysterious Monkey Island. Herman trained a group of monkeys to sail a ship, since he couldn't sail one all by himself and didn't want to spend weeks alone with a crew of monkeys; he sent this simian crew for help, but they never returned. He has since whiled away the years arguing with Monkey Island's resident tribe of cannibals, particularly over who borrowed what from whom, and surprisingly, build his own ship.

In the second game, Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, Herman is now living on Dinky Island. After years of meditation, Herman has decided to share his views on philosophy. As Guybrush while on the island, you have the option to talk to him (however futile) and Herman asks Guybrush what the colour of a tree which falls down in a forest with no-one there to hear it, will be, where Guybrush can guess a huge variety of colours, none of which are ever the answer; after trying all the colors, however, Guybrush will guess "All colors", the correct answer; his response to Herman's next question, namely that he has learned from the experience that philosophy is a waste of his time, pleases Herman greatly, who claims that most students take years to learn what Guybrush has realized from a ten-minute guessing game. Unfortunately, the only student he can find is a parrot.

The enigmatic character had no "live" role in The Curse of Monkey Island, the third game. However, Herman was represented by "Dynamo-Monkilectric" figures in dioramas at LeChuck's infernal theme park, the Carnival of the Damned. The Carnival of the Damned parodied many aspects of the Disney parks, including "audio-animatronics", and the puppet of Herman Toothrot was a part of the exhibit alongside the puppet of Captain Marley. Herman's biggest role in the series was in Escape from Monkey Island. Still suffering from severe amnesia, Herman gradually begins to remember his past (with help from Guybrush, heavy objects, and a good throwing arm); once he completely regains his memory, his story is quite different from that expected: he remembers that he is actually Horatio Torquemada Marley, the long-lost grandfather of Guybrush's wife Elaine Marley and he returns to Mêlée and reunites with his granddaughter.

Largo LaGrande[edit]

Largo LaGrande is a villain that appeared in the first part of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, as a local bully on Scabb Island who prevented any ships from leaving (called the "Largo Embargo"). As such, he is universally loathed on Scabb Island, with many island inhabitants playing tricks on him, such as the barkeeper slipping laxatives into his drinks, for all the anguish he has caused for them. He had formerly been the right-hand man of the ghost pirate LeChuck before he had been melted by Guybrush Threepwood. Guybrush constructed a voodoo doll of Largo using, among various other things, Largo's bra.

He was one of LeChuck's original followers when the pirate was still alive. It seems that since LeChuck's demise in the first game, he and some others have been scouring the Caribbean looking for a living piece of LeChuck that will enable him to bring back his old master.

Later in the game, Largo resurrected LeChuck as a zombie, playing a minor part in the rest of the game. He has not reappeared in any game since, except mentioned in one of the lines of dialog when Guybrush uses the ventriloquist book with Captain Rottingham in the barbar shop ("Make me balder than Largo LaGrande!") and having a drink named after him at Planet Threepwood, "Largo Lemonade." However, shortly after the release of the fourth game, Escape from Monkey Island, a set of April Fools soundbites were released in advance of a fifth game (Return to Monkey Island). In these, Largo reappeared, voiced by Dominic Armato, who also voiced Guybrush. Since these were April Fools, they were later confirmed to be fake.

Largo LaGrande is named after the town La Grande, Oregon, where Monkey Island designer Ron Gilbert grew up. His name is also a joke within the game, from Spanish it translates as 'Long TheBig' which is playing on the fact that Largo is actually quite small.

Marquis De Singe[edit]

The Marquis De Singe appears in the first 4 episodes of "Tales of Monkey Island." He is a French doctor who worked under King Henry in France, until he was exiled for his science experiments. He has used the idols located on Flotsam Island to control the winds, so that people on passing ships would be brought to the island, allowing him to use them for his experiments. Many of these experiments involve amputation. Guybrush goes to visit De Singe in order to control his Pox-filled hand. De Singe, curious about the Pox, wants to amputate and experiment on Guybrush and his hand. However, Guybrush escapes, and is able to learn how to stop the Flotsam Winds. Later, after Guybrush leaves Flotsam Island, De Singe hires Morgan Le Flay to bring Guybrush's hand, as well as Guybrush, back to Flotsam.


Meathook appears in the first and fourth games of the Monkey Island series. He is bald, and has lost both of his hands (replaced by hooks) and an eye to a "ferocious beast" similar to one that he keeps locked up in his house (it was later revealed to be a parrot). Meathook also has a skull-shaped tattoo on his chest that he can manipulate so it appears to be talking, using his ventriloquist skills often saying "Hello Roger".

Meathook lived as a hermit on the former vacation spot of Hook Isle on Melee Island. After Guybrush proves his courage by touching the "ferocious beast", Meathook becomes one of the three original members of Guybrush's crew sailing to Monkey Island. However Meathook, along with Carla and Otis, are marooned on Monkey Island after their ship is sunk by a mysterious flying rock. In Escape from Monkey Island, he returned to his home (Hook Island on Mêlée Island) and took up wax painting as a hobby. It is hinted within the game that Meathook painted the naked portrait of the Harbour Mistress that hangs in the Scumm Bar, the Harbour Mistress refers to the artist as having an 'obsession with wax' and that he 'couldn't keep his claws' off of her.

Meathook was voiced in Escape From Monkey Island by Cam Clarke.

Men Of Low Moral Fiber[edit]

These three pirates known as the Men of Low Moral Fiber appear in the first two games of the Monkey Island series. The pirates appear rather to be shifty characters and tell long tall tales to Guybrush when pressed for information. The tallest pirate, wearing a hat, is named Frank and acquires a peg leg, which makes him scary, because of an accident with a rodent that occurs in between the first and second games. Fred is the heavy-set balding pirate who says little and laughs a lot; while Fin is the other pirate, with a goatee and headband, and is rather fond of rats.

In The Secret of Monkey Island they have stopped pirating (due to fear of the Ghost Pirate LeChuck) and claim to be starting a circus troupe. They also pay Guybrush to take their minutes from the Melee Island PTA meeting claiming it was a treasure map. In Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge the men have taken to hanging out up on ledge (afraid this time of Largo LeGrande) in the village of Woodtick on Scabb Island. The Men of Low Moral Fiber claim to have abandoned their prior circus troupe idea in favour of a successful catering business, in which they later sold to the Governor of Phatt Island. After that venture they claim to have set out to find "Drinky Island" in search of the treasure of Big Whoop in a glass bottomed boat. After being shipwrecked they encountered a philosopher, presumed to be Herman Toothrot; and upon returning to Scabb Island with Herman's advice they began their new business of "performing" (sleeping) up on the ledge of a boat. This time around Guybrush can polish scary Frank's peg leg for a few pieces of eight (or saw it off), wake the three pirates up with a blow horn, trap their pet rat "Muenster Monster" and argue with them for the possession of a wooden bucket.

Monkey Island Cannibals[edit]

The Monkey Island Cannibals are heavily featured in the first The Secret of Monkey Island game. Red Skull, Sharptooth and Lemonhead first encounter Guybrush when he sneaks into their village and steals a banana. They lock him up in a hut with loose floorboards and later negotiate with Guybrush for items such as the wimpy idol, the banana picker and the Head of the Navigator. The Cannibals also help Guybrush to finally dispose of the Ghost Pirates by brewing up ghost-killing root beer. By the time of the third game they have gone vegetarian.

The Cannibals have also been known to leave memos around Monkey Island addressing grievances to either Herman Toothrot or LeChuck and his Ghost Pirates. In the sequel Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, the Cannibals have apparently written many books listed in the Phatt Island library.

By the time of The Curse of Monkey Island the cannibals have left Monkey Island as they can no longer stand the racket caused by LeChuck's Carnival of the Damned. Some of them moved to Blood Island and became vegetarian, most notably Lemonhead, who now appears to be their leader. It is not clear whether Red Skull and Sharptooth also became vegetarian and simply changed masks, since CMI also features a Pineapple Head and a Banana Head, or whether they simply went their separate ways.

The original Cannibal trio:

  • Red Skull: appears to be the leader in SMI and is the most health-conscious of the three.
  • Sharptooth: the most ferocious of the three, constantly bickering with Red Skull.
  • Lemonhead: in SMI he appears rather gullible.

Lemonhead was voiced in The Curse of Monkey Island by S. Scott Bullock.

Murray the Demonic Talking Skull[edit]

Murray the Evil Skull was formerly a member of the Zombie Pirate LeChuck's (literal) skeleton crew; Guybrush Threepwood meets him at the beginning of The Curse of Monkey Island, the third game in the series, after Guybrush blows Murray's boat out of the water and thus separates him from his body. If Guybrush talks to him, Guybrush asks: 'May I call you BOB?'- A reference to the headless ghost from Monkey Island 1. Murray's arm is later of use to Guybrush, while his skull appears in various places around the Caribbean, attempting to spread evil and occasionally helping Guybrush; at the very end of the credits in CMI Murray appears to announce that he will return, which indeed he does. In the sequel, Escape From Monkey Island, Murray has a cameo appearance as a greeter at the Planet Hollywood-inspired tourist trap "Planet Threepwood" where his arm from the previous game is also visible on display, when Guybrush examines it he says "I wonder if Murray knows they have his arm in here". There is also a secret mini-game based on pong, called "Murrayball", that features Murray's skull as the ball. He also appears on-screen and laughs if the word "skull" is typed during the game. Murray later appears in Chapter 3 of Tales of Monkey Island in a treasure chest within a manatee. Guybrush uses Murray to help him join the brother located within the manatee. At the end of Chapter 3, Murray is shown to be sinking in the ocean, making commentary on the people in the credits, falling into another chest after the credits are over.

Originally, Murray was only intended to appear in the opening scene of The Curse of Monkey Island, in which Guybrush "decapitates" him with a cannon and then knocks him off a piece of timber. However, when the opening scene of the game was released as a demo, his delusions of grandeur and over-the-top mannerisms were so popular with gamers that the developers decided to write him into the rest of the game. Despite being a disembodied skull, he has become one of the game's most popular characters.

Murray was voiced by Denny Delk.


Otis appears in the first and fourth games of the Monkey Island series. He was dark-haired in the first game and wore a moustache, and turns red-haired in the fourth game and gets a beard without the moustache. He is most often seen locked up in jail (frequently for picking protected flowers); though he constantly protests his innocence and claims to be a "victim of society". Many of his friends try to help him escape, including his Aunt Tillie and the Cook on Melee Island, by baking him various food items with files concealed inside. Unfortunately for Otis, he is seemingly too stupid to recognize that he is being helped at all. He has also been known to suffer from halitosis and claims to despise rats. Otis was named after the town drunk from The Andy Griffith Show, who was also frequently jailed.

Otis has been one of Guybrush Threepwood's crewmen on two occasions. The first time, he was marooned on Monkey Island, an experience which scarred him psychologically. The second, he joined at the insistence of Carla, another of the original crewmembers, when Guybrush managed to give them contractual "Cushy Government Jobs".

Otis was voiced in Escape from Monkey Island by S. Scott Bullock.

Ozzie Mandrill[edit]

Ozzie is short, sports long sideburns, and uses a walking stick. He speaks in an exaggerated Australian accent, frequently hurling supposed insults composed of Australian slang that no one can understand. He is very rich and has become used to getting his way; he displays enormous fits of bad temper when confronted with any obstacles. Australian actor Nick Tate provides the voice of Ozzie Mandrill. He is probably around fifty to sixty years of age, as his grey hair is beginning to recede, leaving him with a prominent forehead that matches his jutting chin. The glowering face, Australian accent and ruthless business tactics of Ozzie Mandrill may be a reference to media tycoon Rupert Murdoch. The name "Ozzie Mandrill" is a play on both "Ozzie", a slang term for an Australian, and Percy Bysshe Shelley's famous sonnet Ozymandias. The somewhat subtle connection to the poem is made clear in one of the game's final scenes, where Ozzie proclaims "I am Ozzie Mandrill, King of the Caribbean! Look on my works, ye mighty pirates, and despair!".

Mandrill is the first major antagonist to be introduced in the series since its original villain, LeChuck. (Largo LaGrande, LeChuck's henchman from Monkey Island 2, could be argued to hold this distinction; however, Largo appeared prominently only in the game's first portion and as an undeniably minor character in its remainder). Ozzie is a land developer (from Sydney, according to the Voodoo Lady) who plans to buy out the entire Caribbean. Due to his deeply-rooted hatred of pirates, he wants to eradicate them entirely and make the area tourist-friendly. By using cryptic insults composed almost entirely of Australian slang, Ozzie has intimidated many business-owners on Jambalaya Island and Mêlée Island into signing their deeds over to him. Indeed, the player can go to Ozzie's mansion and engage in insult swordfighting with him, which Ozzie always wins. Ozzie's ultimate goal is to find "The Ultimate Insult", a voodoo artifact of great power that will help him "transform" the pirate population into "productive members of society".

Partnering himself with LeChuck is also part of Ozzie's big plan, for LeChuck, under the guise of Charles L. Charles, looks to make himself the new governor of the Tri-Island area so that through him, Ozzie can own the Tri-Island area legally (LeChuck was promised Elaine Marley's hand in marriage in exchange for his services). LeChuck, however, later double-crosses Ozzie and possesses a giant statue of himself to crush the greedy real estate tycoon. But even LeChuck isn't immune to the Ultimate Insult, which Ozzie uses to control LeChuck in a final battle of "Monkey Kombat" against Guybrush (armed with a giant monkey robot to counter the statue). Ozzie gets himself killed at the end of the game, when the Monkey Kombat between the statue and the robot ends in a third draw, prompting the statue to beat itself over the head where Ozzie is sitting.

Pegnose Pete[edit]

Pegnose is a minor villain in Escape from Monkey Island and mostly plays his role in the first act of the game. He resides on Lucre Island and is the main cause of all the crime that occurs there. According to Inspector Canard, the sole police force on the island, Pete is responsible for well over 300 crimes with many of them being disappearances and murders. He is hired by LeChuck and Ozzie as part of their plans to seize control over the entire Caribbean. Pegnose does not seem to care for their plans and only sticks around in hopes that Ozzie will finally pay him. During his time on Lucre Island, Pegnose Pete eluded capture by Inspector Canard by living secretly in the Mystes O'Tyme marsh, a swamp that was very difficult to navigate through, where he lived by catching his own fish and brewing his own rum.

Pegnose Pete also has a strong fear of ducks, this is rumoured to be because it was a duck who nibbled off his nose and lead him to have to wear a prosthetic one.

In the game, he is hired to obtain the Marley Heirlooms and frame Guybrush. He succeeds by robbing the bank disguised as Threepwood but is eventually caught, though he is able to escape. Later, he appears on Melee Island and captures Elaine under the orders of LeChuck who was just elected as governor and now controls the island. His final fate in the game is being exposed to the Ultimate Insult, a voodoo talisman capable of shattering the egos of pirates. He is reduced to a wimp and a coward. Ozzie tells him to "take a long walk off a short pier" and Pete seems to take the order. Whether or not he actually did it is open for interpretation.

Pegnose Pete was voiced by Tom Kane.

Rapp Scallion[edit]

Rapp Scallion was the cook and one of the four crewmates who sailed to Monkey Island with Captain Marley. Before leaving Monkey Island, Rapp was given one of the four pieces of the map to the secret treasure of Big Whoop. Scallion also ran the "Steamin' Weenie" Hut on Scabb Island but died in a flash fire inside the hut.

It was revealed in The Curse of Monkey Island that Rapp had a habit of leaving the gas on in the Steamin' Weenie hut, and LeChuck had a birthday cake delivered to Rapp on his 35th birthday, which ignited the gas - killing Rapp in the process.

In Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge Guybrush Threepwood discovers the ashes of Rapp Scallion in the Scabb Island cemetery and briefly reanimates Rapp using a magic voodoo powder known as Ash-2-Life. Rapp asks Guybrush to do him a favour and turn off the gas in the Steamin' Weenie hut, and in return gives Guybrush his piece of the map to Big Whoop. Rapp reappears in The Curse of Monkey Island as a Dynamo-Monkelectric Model in LeChuck's "Carnival of the Damned", and also appears in one of Guybrush Threepwood's daydream flashbacks

Reginald Van Winslow[edit]

Reginald Van Winslow is the captain of the Screaming Narwhal, and assists Guybrush in "Tales of Monkey Island".

Guybrush first meets Reginald Van Winslow, and the Screaming Narwhal, on Flotsam Island. Winslow explains that he became the current captain of the Screaming Narwhal by knocking the previous captain off the ship, and if someone did the same to him, then they would become captain. Guybrush, using a bomb and a clothesline, is able to knock Winslow off the boat. Winslow gives Guybrush the title of Captain, but requests that he be his first mate on the ship. Guybrush reluctantly agrees. Winslow becomes Guybrush's navigator throughout the episodes of "Tales of Monkey Island".

Winslow also appears as a host in Telltale's "Poker Night at the Inventory" and again in "Poker Night 2".

Rum Rogers Jr[edit]

After the death of his father, Rum Rogers Jr inherited the run-down shack that he owned. He soon became irritated at the number of treasure seekers who kept turning up asking to know about Big Whoop.

When Guybrush Threepwood showed up and asked about the map section, Rogers demanded to be left alone. Threepwood challenged Rogers to a sword fight, and Rogers responded by saying that sword fights were for "sissies and weenies" and that he had a far more challenging contest in mind - a drinking contest. He competed frequently in such contests, and had created his own "contest grog" which was so powerful that it knocked out anyone who drunk it, except Rogers - or so he claimed. Threepwood couldn't take the grog; it knocked him out instantly. He asked for a rematch, and sneakily replaced the grog Rogers had given him with some "near grog," a low-alcohol substitute. When it came to Rogers' turn, it turned out that he couldn't take the contest grog either, and he was soon passed out on the floor.

Rum Rogers Sr[edit]

Rum Rogers Sr was one of the four crewmates who sailed to Monkey Island with Captain Marley before the storyline of The Secret of Monkey Island began. He was the first mate on the voyage and was known for being a drunkard. He and his son, Rum Rogers Jr, were known to look and act the same, mostly enjoying vast amounts of Rum.

The crew landed on Blood Island as they were diverted from a hurricane, the same storm that destroyed LeChuck's voyage to Monkey Island. It seemed however LeChuck survived the destruction of his ship and crew and started a conversation with Rum Rogers Sr. Heavily influenced by alcohol, which LeChuck forced upon him, he spilled the secret of their search for the treasure of Big Whoop.

It is unknown how long Rum Rogers Sr and the rest of the crew stayed on the island; but LeChuck left before them and landed on Monkey Island first (however without map or directions it is hard to know how). According to LeChuck in the Curse of Monkey Island he landed on the island half an hour before them and took the treasure for himself. Marley and his crew witnessed LeChuck's change into the immortal ghost and fled the island. Rum Rogers Sr. was entrusted with one of the four pieces of the map to Big Whoop.

Some unknown time later Rum Rogers Sr. was bathing in his cabin on Phatt Island; drinking rum and eating toast. It is said the toaster "mysteriously" fell into the tub with him (of course impossibly but for trivial value) which suggests he was murdered. The map passed to his son Rum Rogers Jr who kept it near his father's decaying body.

Guybrush Threepwood discovered the dead body of Rum Rogers Sr. in the basement of Rum Rogers Jr.'s house along with his piece of the map in Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge. His only known appearance in the series, is in The Curse of Monkey Island when he appears as a Dynamo-Monkelectric Model in LeChuck's "Carnival of the Damned" on the ride entitled "Rollercoster of Death" build into the Giant Monkey Head.


Stan's initial appearance was as a shady used boat salesman (satirizing the stereotype of the used car salesman) on Mêlée Island in The Secret of Monkey Island. Over the course of the series, he has run a number of other businesses, each as dubious as his original career. The appearance of this eternal huckster is fitting: his outfit is vaguely pirate-like, but invariably an obnoxious blend of clashing colors and patterns. He always wears a huge hat that seems to be a cross between a traditional buccaneer's hat and a sombrero. He tries to overwhelm potential customers with a constant flood of patter while his arms wave distractingly. He rarely stops talking and never, ever admits that he has cheated a customer. Stan is last seen in The Secret of Monkey Island when the ghost pirate LeChuck delivers a mighty punch to his eternally-flapping jaw. Stan is hurled out of sight, landing in the waters off the coast of Mêlée.

Eventually Stan turns up again in Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge as the proprietor of a used coffin shop on Booty Island—he turned to the coffin business because his customers are unable to come back and complain. We learn he also owned "Stan's Previously-owned Restaurant Supplies", and sold an ineffective flame-retardant apron to Rapp Scallion, who burned to death in a flash fire staged by LeChuck. In the course of the game, Guybrush Threepwood traps Stan inside one of his own cheap coffins. Strangely enough, Stan ends up in a crypt (which he himself designed) on Blood Island and manages to survive until Guybrush frees him in The Curse of Monkey Island a year later. Supposedly given "a new lease on life", Stan immediately begins selling life insurance from his new office in the crypt. Over the course of the game, Guybrush questions how Stan could have had business cards made while trapped within a coffin, purchases a policy, fakes his own death and collects a large payout; this convinces Stan to get out of the insurance industry.

Stan resurfaces once again in Escape from Monkey Island: the enterprising Stan has moved on to a condominium timeshare scheme on Jambalaya Island. His only action in the game to give Guybrush a three hour long sales-pitch, so that Guybrush can receive a voucher for a meal at Planet Threepwood. In Chapter 1 of Tales of Monkey Island,"Launch of the Screaming Narwhal", Guybrush meets a pirate treasure hunter named D'Oro, who has come to Flotsam Island in search of a rare Porcelain Power Pirate action figure named Dark Ninja Dave. He states that he was scammed by a salesman answering Stan's description, who sold him an apparently worthless map to the buried action figure. Later, in Chapter 4, "The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood", Guybrush is put on trial by the people of Flotsam Island, where Stan is the Prosecuting Lawyer against him. After Guybrush is proven innocent, however, Stan becomes the Prosecuting Lawyer for both LeChuck and The Voodoo Lady.

Stan and the Voodoo Lady are the only non-major characters to appear in every Monkey Island game. The voice of Stan was provided by Pat Pinney in The Curse of Monkey Island and Pat Fraley in Escape from Monkey Island. He is perhaps the only of the regular characters who has not established some sort of friendship with Guybrush Threepwood, and always behaves to him as a stranger, having a universal business-level relationship. One of Stan's more noticeable characteristics is his hyperkinetic, nervous movement; he constantly taps his foot and gesticulates wildly with his arms while speaking. Stan's loud plaid jacket has a rather bizarre characteristic—the checkerboard pattern does not move with him, but remains static as if placed behind a transparent filter. This characteristic was originally a limitation of the pixel animation in The Secret of Monkey Island and became a self-referential joke in subsequent games.

Voodoo Lady[edit]

The un-named Voodoo Lady is a voodoo-priestess who usually runs a voodoo shop called the "International House of Mojo". She has managed stores on Mêlée, Scabb and Plunder Islands. Though she has been featured in every game, her name has never been revealed; she is usually referred to simply as "The Voodoo Lady". Her voice was provided by Leilani Jones Wilmore in The Curse of Monkey Island and Escape from Monkey Island. She and Stan are the only minor characters to appear in every Monkey Island game.

The Voodoo Lady is a very minor character in The Secret of Monkey Island. For the most part, she provides a bit of "spooky" atmosphere early in the game. Although speaking directly to her is not required to complete the game, Guybrush must enter her shop to acquire a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle. Optionally, she can predict Guybrush's future, which involves sailing to Monkey Island, entering a giant monkey, and either being helped or eaten by the Monkey Island cannibals.

In Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, she has opened the International House of Mojo on Scabb Island. In addition to providing much helpful information, she creates a voodoo doll of Largo LaGrande and gives Guybrush a book on the legend of Big Whoop.Her shop in The Curse of Monkey Island, Voodoo and Things is in a ship half-sunk in a swamp on Plunder Island. The Voodoo Lady is slightly less helpful in this game: she tells Guybrush that the curse on Elaine can only be lifted by replacing the cursed diamond engagement ring with an uncursed diamond ring. She does, however, mention that a suitable diamond is in the possession of pirates on Blood Island. In Escape from Monkey Island, she again runs a business on Mêlée Island. She tells Guybrush about the "Ultimate Insult", a powerful and dangerous voodoo talisman, and helps him find its components.

Wally B. Feed[edit]

Wally is a short, red-haired and meek character, who acts as a sidekick for the protagonist of the Monkey Island games, Guybrush Threepwood. Although he only appears in two games, Wally rather undeservingly bears a good deal of abuse in each. Apparently even the developers occasionally felt sorry for Wally (they cut a scene from LeChuck's Revenge where Wally is on a raft and accidentally drops his monocle overboard. While attempting to retrieve it, Wally falls off the raft entirely.)

It is unknown what the B. in his name stands for; it apparently exists only to make his name sound like "Wallaby Feed". His full name is only mentioned when he introduces himself in Monkey Island 2. Despite being otherwise very polite, even Wally gets Guybrush's name wrong. He does not mangle the name as severely as other characters, occasionally calling him "Mr. Wood" or "Mr. Brush". Wally's voice in The Curse of Monkey Island is provided by Neil Ross. In Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, Guybrush Threepwood first meets Wally on Scabb Island. Wally is a cartographer that Guybrush enlists to help assemble a treasure map. Guybrush steals the extremely myopic Wally's monocle, rendering him virtually blind; later, however, he replaces it with a lens that allows him to see. The zombie pirate LeChuck kidnaps Wally as a result of his efforts, and he and Guybrush are suspended over a pit of boiling acid. In attempting to escape, Guybrush spits on Wally repeatedly; when they are finally freed, a massive explosion hurls Guybrush to a nearby island. Although Wally obviously survives, the game doesn't reveal where he ends up or what happens to him.

The diminutive mapmaker reappears early in the third Monkey Island game, The Curse of Monkey Island: through a series of motivational seminars, LeChuck has managed to brainwash him into becoming a pirate under his reign. Wally's meek personality prevails, however, and Guybrush easily convinces him to give up his identity as "Bloodnose". Guybrush leaves Wally sobbing inconsolably in the hold of LeChuck's ship, which is blown up shortly afterwards by a voodoo cannonball. Wally survives by being "thrown clear" of the explosion (in his own words, he is thankful he wasn't wearing his seatbelt) and appears in a cut scene before the second chapter of the game begins, revealing the effects of an engagement ring Guybrush offers his fiancée Elaine, albeit too late. Wally is not seen again until near the end of the game. As Guybrush rides the Rollercoaster of Death he is treated to various scenes of Monkey Island and past events related to it, with mechanical puppets representing various characters. In the famous torture scene from MI2 (slightly altered) we see a Wally puppet hanging over the pit of acid. On closer inspection it is revealed to be the real Wally. Though Guybrush promises to save him, after defeating LeChuck, saving Elaine and riding the Madly Rotating Buccaneer, it is never made clear whether he actually does so.

Other minor Monkey Island characters[edit]

Secret of Monkey Island[edit]

  • Citizen of Mêlée - (Map-Selling Sneak with Parrot)
  • Cook - (Emotional Proprietor of the SCUMM Bar)
  • Estevan - (SCUMM Bar Pirate with a Scarred Eye)
  • Fester Shinetop - (LeChuck in Disguise as Mêlée Island's Sheriff)
  • Fettucini Brothers - (Circus Performers Alfredo & Bill)
  • Head of the Navigator - (Grotesque Severed Voodoo Head with Invisibility Necklace)
  • Lookout - (Blind Watchman of Mêlée Island)
  • Cobb, the Loom Pirate - (Advertiser of the Loom game)
  • Mancomb Seepgood - (Friendly Pirate in the SCUMM Bar)
  • Spiffy the Dog - (Talkative SCUMM Bar Canine)
  • Storekeeper - (Old Shopkeeper with a Fondness for the Swordmaster)
  • Three Important-Looking Pirates - (Head Mêlée Island Grog-Swilling Pirates)
  • Troll - (Guards a Bridge that likes Herring, later revealed as George Lucas)

Secret of Monkey Island 2 : LeChuck's Revenge[edit]

  • Augustus DeWatt - (Old Man, Cannon Sounder & Former Governor)
  • Barkeeper - (Proprietor of the Bloody Lip Bar & Grill)
  • Bart & Fink - (Campfire Pirates with plenty of Pirate Songs)
  • Bernard the Cook - (Rude Chef with Rat Hair Vichyssoice Specialty)
  • Bruno - (The Man Behind the Back Alley Door on Phatt Island)
  • Chef - (Elaine's Angry Chef Who Hates Loud Noises)
  • Chester - (Lucasfilm Hints Line Phone Operator)
  • Chuckie - (LeChuck in Disguise as Guybrush's Brother)
  • Costume Storekeeper - (Extremely Busy Costume Store Owner on Booty Island)
  • Dealer - (Spin the Wheel Dealer on Phatt Island)
  • Delivery Men - (Men who bought the Voodoo Crate to LeChuck's Fortress)
  • Filbert the Gardener - (Elaine's Gardener on Booty Island)
  • The Fisherman - (Phatt Island Braggart also known as 'The Blowfish')
  • Governor L. Phatt - (Obese Dictatorial Governor of Phatt Island)
  • Gov. Phatt's Guard - (Large Bearded Guard of Phatt's Mansion)
  • Guybrush the Dog - (Elaine's Map Finding Pooch)
  • Guybrush's Parents - (Appear Dead & Alive In Guybrush's Dream & The Carnival)
  • Innkeeper - (Rents out the entire Scabb Inn to Largo)
  • Jojo the Monkey - (Piano Playing Chimp that is Handy with Pumps)
  • Kate Capsize - (Attractive Owner of a Ship Chartering Business)
  • Librarian - (Librarian on Phatt Island)
  • Mad Marty - (Washes Clothes & Can't Hear)
  • Mardi Gras Guard - (Elaine's Costume Party Guard Dressed as LeChuck)
  • Pegbiter the Alligator - (Scabb Island Innkeeper's Cheese Doodle Eating Pet)
  • Polly the Parrot - (Herman Toothrot's Parrot on Dinky Island)
  • Ralphie - (Gambling Man who constantly wins on Phatt Island)
  • The Spitmaster - (Booty Island Spitting Contest Master)
  • Voodoo Priest - (LeChuck's Strange Purple Voodoo Guy)
  • Walt the Dog - (Guard of the Phatt Island Prison)
  • Woody the Woodsmith - (Scabb Island Carpenter)
  • Young Lindy - (Avid Collector, Owner of the Booty Boutique, Cabin Boy)

The Curse of Monkey Island[edit]

  • Cabana Boy - (Cabana Boy that is insistent on getting rid of Guybrush)
  • Captain Blondbeard - (Owns the Chicken Reasturant in Puerto Pollo and victim of the dreaded "El Pollo Diablo")
  • Captain LeChimp - (Ape captain of the Sea Cucumber)
  • Captain René Rottingham - (Hair-conscious French pirate)
  • Charles DeGoulash - (Long Lost Love of Minnie Goodsoup)
  • Cruff - (King Andre's Goon)
  • Cutthroat Bill - (Intimidating Pirate fond of Jawbreakers and gold, member of Guybrush's crew)
  • Dinghy Dog - (Demonic Carnival Mascot)
  • Edward Van Helgen - (Banjo Virtuoso, make your own connection to Eddie Van Halen, member of Guybrush's crew)
  • Effete Lafoot - (Wimpy Winch Operator on Skull Island)
  • Flying Welschman - (Mysterious Skull Island Ferry Boat Operator)
  • Griswold Goodsoup - (Owns bar on Blood Island, has trouble with hangovers)
  • Haggis McMutton - (Scottish gentleman, very proficient at the caber toss, member of Guybrush's crew)
  • Kenny Falmouth - (Juvenile Con-Artist Sells Lemonade in a Bottomless Mug, later cannons and ammunition, voiced by Gary Coleman)
  • King Andre - (Bald Smuggler of Skull Island)
  • Madame Xima - (Atmospheric Gipsy Fortune Teller)
  • Minnie "Stroni" Goodsoup - (Deceased Belle of Blood Island, has a thing for pirates)
  • Monty Meringue - (Carnival Mime Who Gets Pie Faced)
  • Mort - (Blood Island graveard caretaker, Pulp Horror Fiction reader, and Paper Voodoo doll victim)
  • Mr. Fossey - (Crazed weird first mate of the Sea Cucumber)
  • Old Blind Pew - (Old Stinky Blood Island Graveyard Dog)
  • Palido Domingo - (Slappy's agent who's back contains the map to Blood Island)
  • Slappy Cromwell - (Lousy but Comedic Shakespearean Actor)
  • Soda Jerk - (Tough Looking Carny Snow Cone Master)
  • Stu the Hideous Pirate - (Bearded Pirate Actor on Stage with Slappy Cromwell)
  • The Snake - (Eats Guybrush whole on Plunder Island)
  • Wharf Rat - (Cranky Carnvial Mascot in a Stinking Rat Suit)

Escape From Monkey Island[edit]

  • Ignatius Cheese - (Latest owner of SCUMM Bar)
  • Charles L. Charles - (Pompous Candidate for Governor of Mêlée Island, who is really LeChuck in disguise)
  • Pegnose Pete - (A No-Nosed Criminal)
  • Dead-Eye Dave - (Blind Prostheses Seller)
  • Jumbeaux LaFeet' - (A Big Pirate)
  • Tiny LaFeet - (Famous pirate and father of Jumbeaux LaFeet)
  • Brittany - (A Bank Teller with musical ambitions)
  • Inspector Canard - (Lucre Island's main detective, supporter of the "Guilty Until Proven Innocent" method)
  • Marco DePollo - (World Famous Plank Diver)
  • Senor Castaneda - (A chess player who likes Brittany)
  • JoJo Jr. - (Talking monkey, son of JoJo Sr.)
  • Miss Daisy - (Friend of Jumbeaux LeFeet)
  • Miss Rivers - (Pirate hater and teacher at Ozzie Mandrill's Pirate Transmogrification Academy)
  • Admiral Ricardo Luigi Pierre M'Benga Chang Nehru O'Hara Casaba the Third - (Employed by Ozzie Mandrill to guard the waters of Jambalaya Island)
  • Harbor Mistress - (Responsible for the ships on Melee Island)
  • Elayne - (Waitress at Planet Threepwood)
  • Hugo - (Former pirate, rehabilitated by Ozzie Mandrill and working as a perfume salesman)