Monarchs of Aragon family tree

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This as a family tree of the monarchs of the Kingdom of Aragon.

Family tree[edit]

Ramiro I
r. 1035–1063
Ermesinda of Bigorre
Isabel of Urgel
Sancho Ramírez
r. 1063–1094
Felicie de Roucy
Peter I
r. 1094–1104
Alfonso I
r. 1104–1134
Ramiro II
r. 1134–1137
Agnes of Aquitaine
r. 1137–1164
Ramon Berenguer IV
Count of Barcelona
Alfonso II
r. 1164–1196
Sancha of Castile
Peter II
r. 1196–1213
Marie of Montpellier
James I
r. 1213–1276
Violant of Hungary
Peter III
r. 1276–1285
Constance of Sicily
Alfonso III
r. 1285–1291
James II
r. 1291–1327
Blanche of Anjou
Alfonso IV
r. 1327–1336
Teresa d'Entença
Peter IV
r. 1336–1387
Eleanor of Sicily
John I
r. 1387–1396
Martin I
r. 1396–1410
Eleanor of Aragon
John I of Castile
Ferdinand I
r. 1412–1416
Eleanor of Alburquerque
Alfonso V
r. 1416–1458
John II
r. 1458–1479
Juana Enríquez
Ferdinand II
r. 1479–1516
Isabella I of Castile
r. 1516–1555