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The Motorola 3412 DVR box used by Comcast.

The Motorola DCT3412 is a digital-tuner only version of the Motorola DCT6412 HDTV DVR. It is similar to the 6412 Phase III, except that it is unable to tune in analog channels. It is only used on systems that have analog-digital simulcasting (ADS) active.

The 3412 is about the same width and height as the 6412, but is not as deep (about 11 inches, versus 13 inches on the 6412). On the front it has no SmartCard slot, no A/V input, and no USB port (there is still one USB port on the back). On the back, there are no A/V inputs and no metal cover where the RF Input connector is.

The 3412 can record two SD digital or HDTV channels at once and play back a recorded show at the same time. The 3412 has a 120 GB hard drive giving it an HDTV recording time of 12–20 hours and about 60 to 90 hours of SD digital TV. A similar model 3416 has a 160 GB drive.

The Motorola DCT3080 is similar to the 3412, but has an 80 gigabyte hard drive and no HD circuitry. It can receive and record HD programming, but can only output 480i.

The Motorola DCT6412 is similar to the 3412, but has an analog tuner and can be used on cable systems where analog-digital simulcasting (ADS) is not yet set up.


More detailed technical and how-to information can be found at the Wikibook entry How to use a Motorola DVR