Mount Jōnen

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Mount Jōnen
Jyonendake and yokotooshidake from River-Azusa 1996-4-29.jpg
Mount Jōnen , Mount Yokotooshi and Azusa River
in spring from Azumi Basin
Highest point
Elevation 2,857 m (9,373 ft) [1]
Listing 100 Famous Japanese Mountains
List of mountains in Japan
Coordinates 36°19′32″N 137°43′39″E / 36.32556°N 137.72750°E / 36.32556; 137.72750Coordinates: 36°19′32″N 137°43′39″E / 36.32556°N 137.72750°E / 36.32556; 137.72750[2]
Mount Jōnen is located in Japan
Mount Jōnen
Mount Jōnen
Location of Mount Jōnen in Japan.
Location Azumino, Nagano and Matsumoto, Nagano, Japan
Parent range Jōnen Mountains in Hida Mountains
Topo map Geospatial Information Authority 25000:1 穂高岳
50,000:1 上高地
First ascent Walter Weston in 1894

Mount Jōnen (常念岳 Jōnen-dake?) is one of the 100 Famous Japanese Mountains,[3] reaching the height of 2,857 m (9,373 ft).[1] It is situated in Japan's Hida Mountains in Nagano Prefecture and in Chūbu-Sangaku National Park.[4] The shape of the mountain looks like the triangle. It can be seen from Azumi Basin.


This mountain is formed with Granite.[5] Before 1959 nine kinds of butterfly on high mountains can be seen around the mountain.[6][7] Colias erate and others can be seen now. The shape of the remaining snow of this mountain had decided the time when it farmed. The shape was called Jōnen-Bō (常念坊 Jōnen-Bō?).


  • Summer 1894: Englishman Walter Weston became the first man to climb on the top.[5][8]
  • Summer 1906: Usui Kojima became the first Japanese man to climb on the top.[3]
  • July 27, 1919: Mountain hut of Jōnen Hut (常念小屋 Jōnen-goya?) was opened.[9]
  • 1922: Kyūya Fukada stayed at the Jōnen Hut, and climbed this mountain.[3]
  • June 1931: The double accident of the climbing mountain party and the rescue team occurred.[9]
  • December 4, 1934: This area was specified to the Chūbu-Sangaku National Park.[4]
  • 1993: Postage stamp of Jōnen Kasa with Matsumoto Castle was put on the market by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (Japan).[10]
  • May 28, 2007: NHK broadcasts the television program concerning Mount Jōnen in the series programs of excellent mountain in Japan.[11]
  • September 10, 2010: NHK broadcasts the television program concerning Mount Jōnen and the high mountain butterfly.[7]


Mount Jōnen, Jōnen Hut and the climbing trail from Mount Yokotooshi

Main ascent routes[edit]

There are three climbing routes to the top of the mountain.[12][13]

Ichino River route
Hie-Daira - Ichino River (一ノ沢 Ichi-no-sawa?) - Munatuki-hachō - Jōnen Hut(Jōnen-Nokkoshi) - Mount Jōnen
Mount Mae-Jōnen (前常念岳 Mae-Jōnen-dake?) route
Mitsumata(三股) - Hon river - Mount Mae-Jōnen - Mount Jōnen
Traverses Route of Jōnen Mountains (from north and south)
There are several stating points to climb.(Kamikōchi, Tokusawa, Yokoo, Mitsumata, from Mount Otensuo, and others)
Jōnen Hut and Mount Yari in spring

Mountain hut[edit]

Thera are several Mountain hut around Mount Jōnen.[13] There is the Campsite on each hut.

  • Jōnen Hut (常念小屋) - On the pass of Jōnen Pass (常念乗越 Jōnen-Nokkoshi?) between Mount Jōnen and Mount Yokotooshi. It is one of the oldest hut in Japan.
  • Mount Chō Hut (蝶ヶ岳ヒュッテ) - Near the top of Mount Chō.
  • Yokoo Mountain Cottage (横尾山荘) - In Yokoo most in the north of Kamikochi.
  • Daiten Cottage (大天荘) - Near the top of Mount Otensyo.


Nearby Mountains[edit]

It is on the sub ridge line of Jōnen Mountains in the southeast part of the Hida Mountains. There is a small peak of Mount Mae-Jōnen in the southeast by east.[13]

Mount Yokotooshi and Mount Otensyo
from Mount Jōnen
Mount Jōnen and Karasawa
from Mount Hotaka
Image Mountain Elevation Distance
from the Top
Mount Yari from Mount Jonen 1999-8-1.jpg Mt. Yari
3,180 m (10,433 ft) 7.4 km (4.6 mi) 100 Famous
Otenshodake from Enzanso 1999-5-9.jpg Mt. Otensyo
2,921.91 m (9,586 ft) 5.0 km (3.1 mi) tallest mountain
in Jōnen Mountains
200 Famous
Yokotoshidake and Jyonengoya 2004-5-2.JPG Mt. Yokotooshi
2,766.99 m (9,078 ft) 1.9 km (1 mi)
Mount Jonen from Mount Akaiwa 2003-9-14.jpg Mt. Jōnen
2,857 m (9,373 ft) 0 km (0.0 mi) 100 Famous
Mount MaeJonen from Mitsumata 2001-11-22.jpg Mt. Mae-Jōnen
2,661.78 m (8,733 ft)[14] 2.0 km (1.2 mi)
Chogatake from Jyonendake 1999-8-1.jpg Mt. Chō
2,677 m (8,783 ft) 4.2 km (2.6 mi) 100 Famous
Mount Hotaka from Mount Jonen 1999-8-1.jpg Mt. Hotaka
3,190 m (10,466 ft) 8.2 km (5.1 mi) tallest mountain
in Hida Mountains
100 Famous

Source river[edit]

Each source river joins the main stream of Shinano River, then flows to the Sea of Japan.[13]

  • Ichinomata Valley (Tributary of Azusa River)
  • Jōnen River, Ichino River and Nino river (tributary of Sai (Nagano) River)


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