Mount Azuma-kofuji

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Mount Azuma
Mount Azuma-kofuji-1, May 2007.JPG
Mount Azuma, May 2007.
Elevation 1,705 m (5,594 ft)
Mount Azuma is located in Japan
Mount Azuma
Mount Azuma
Location of Mount Azuma in Japan.
Location Fukushima, Tōhoku region, Japan
Range Azuma Mountain Range
Coordinates 37°43′20″N 140°15′49″E / 37.722222°N 140.263611°E / 37.722222; 140.263611Coordinates: 37°43′20″N 140°15′49″E / 37.722222°N 140.263611°E / 37.722222; 140.263611
Type Stratovolcano
Last eruption December 1977

Mount Azuma-kofuji (吾妻小富士?) is an active stratovolcano in Fukushima prefecture, Japan.

It has a conical-shaped crater and as the name "Kofuji" (small Mount Fuji) suggests, the shape of Mount Azuma is like that of Mount Fuji.[1] Mount Azuma's appealing symmetrical crater and the nearby fumarolic area with its many onsen have made it a popular tourist destination.

The Bandai-Azuma Skyline passes just below the crater, allowing visitors to drive to within walking distance of the crater and other various hiking trails on the mountain. There is also a visitor center along the roadway near the crater, where a collection of eateries, facilities, a parking lot, and a stop for busses from Fukushima Station are located.

The Azuma volcanic group contains several volcanic lakes, including Goshiki-numa, the 'Five Colored Lakes'.

Each Spring, as the snow melts away, a white rabbit appears on the side of Mount Azuma. The melting snow shaped like a rabbit is known as the 'seeding rabbit' and signals to the people of Fukushima that the farming season has come.[2]


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