Mount Iwate

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Mount Iwate
Mt. Iwate and Morioka.jpg
Mount Iwate from the city of Morioka
Highest point
Elevation 2,038 m (6,686 ft) [1]
Prominence 1,745 m (5,725 ft) [1]
Listing List of mountains and hills of Japan by height
List of volcanoes in Japan
Coordinates 39°51′12″N 141°00′03″E / 39.85333°N 141.00083°E / 39.85333; 141.00083Coordinates: 39°51′12″N 141°00′03″E / 39.85333°N 141.00083°E / 39.85333; 141.00083[1]
Mount Iwate is located in Japan
Mount Iwate
Mount Iwate
Location Iwate Prefecture, Japan
Mountain type Stratovolcano complex
Last eruption July 1919

Mount Iwate (岩手山 Iwate-san?) is a stratovolcano complex located northwest of the city of Morioka in western Iwate Prefecture, Tohoku, Japan. The mountain is listed as one of the 100 Famous Japanese Mountains in a book composed in 1964 by mountaineer/author Kyūya Fukada.[2]


Mount Iwate consists of a younger eastern symmetrical stratovolcano (Higashi-Iwate, "East Iwate") overlapping an older western stratovolcano (Nishi-Iwate, "West Iwate") which has collapsed to form a caldera.[3]

Aerial photographs of Mount Iwate from the NNW
Relief Map

The oval-shaped, 1.8 x 3 km caldera has a central cone containing a 0.5 km wide crater, partially filled by a crater lake.

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