Mount Tekari

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Mount Tekari
Tekaridake from chausudake 1996 11 17.jpg
Mount Tekari from Mount Chausu
Highest point
Elevation 2,591 m (8,501 ft)
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Coordinates 35°20′17″N 138°05′02″E / 35.33806°N 138.08389°E / 35.33806; 138.08389Coordinates: 35°20′17″N 138°05′02″E / 35.33806°N 138.08389°E / 35.33806; 138.08389
Mount Tekari is located in Japan
Mount Tekari
Mount Tekari
Location in Japan
Location Shizuoka Prefecture
Nagano Prefecture,
Parent range Akaishi Mountains

Mount Tekari (光岳, Tekari-dake) is part of the Akaishi Mountains on the border of Shizuoka and Nagano prefectures in Japan. It is the southernmost mountain in the Akaishi Mountains and the southernmost mountain over 2,500 metres (8,202 ft) in Japan.


The mountain's peak just exceeds the tree line, and Siberian Dwarf Pines and other alpine plants can be found on its southern face. This mountain is the southernmost point at which Siberian Dwarf Pines can be found throughout the world.