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Naraina is a village in the New Delhi of in India. The word Naraina is formed by combining two words: Nar (means 'Narayan' in Hindi) and Aana (means 'to arrive' in Hindi). It is believed that Lord Vishnu visited this palace. Naraina village is situated in south west Delhi, and mainly Tanwar caste live here.[citation needed]. Kul Devta of Naraina is Baba Bagh Wala.[citation needed]


The Tanwars ruled Delhi from 736 to 1192, their first emperor being Anangpal Dev Tanwar (736-754). Initially Anagpur was the Tanwar capital, but Anangpal Dev Tanwar the Second (1051–1081) relocated it to Dhillikapuri near Yoginipur and Mahipalpur. The last Tanwar emperor, Tejpal Dev Tanwar Diveetiy (1192-1192), was overthrown by Qutubudin Aibak in 1192.[citation needed].Baba Bagh Wala temple is situated within the premises of Govt.Boys High Sec. School now adjacent to the Naraina Village.