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Nedjeftet in hieroglyphs
M1 f

Nḏf tt

Nedjeftet is a queen mentioned on reliefs discovered near the pyramid complex of Pepi I (close to the pyramid complex of Queen Inenek-Inti).[1] She was a wife of Pepi.[2] Her name was also that of the 20th nome, later known as the Herakleopolis nome, in Upper Egypt;[1] it is possible her family came from there and the marriage was to strengthen the king's position as opposed to the local lords.[3]


Her titles were: Great one of the hetes-sceptre (wrt-ḥts), She who sees Horus and Seth (m33t-hrw-stsh), Great of Praises (wrt-ḥzwt), King’s Wife (ḥmt-niswt), King’s Wife, his beloved (ḥmt-niswt meryt.f), and Attendant of Horus (ḫt-ḥrw).[3]


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