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This article is about Tey, the Egyptian queen. For other uses, see Tiye (disambiguation).
Queen consort of Egypt
Relief Tiy-Merenese Petrie.jpg
Tiy-Merenese on a block found in Abydos (JE 36339).
Spouse Pharaoh Sethnakht
Issue Ramesses III
Dynasty 20th Dynasty
Religion Ancient Egyptian religion
ti Z4 i i N36
Q1 t
in hieroglyphs

Tiy-merenese,[1] Teye-Merenaset,[2] Tiye-Mereniset[3] (Tiy, Beloved of Isis) was the Great Royal Wife of pharaoh Setnakhte and mother of Ramesses III of the Twentieth Dynasty of Egypt.

She is the only known wife of Setnakhte. She was depicted together with her husband on a stela in Abydos. A priest named Meresyotef is shown adoring Setnakhte and Tiy-Merenese and their son Ramesses III is shown making offerings. Tiye-Merenese also appears on blocks found in Abydos which were reused in other buildings.[2][3]


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