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Henutsen's pyramid at Giza
Henutsen's pyramid at Giza
Title Queen of Egypt
Religion Ancient Egyptian religion
Spouse(s) King Khufu
Children Prince Minkhaf I
Pharaoh Khafra
Prince Khufukhaf I
Parent(s) Sneferu and unknown queen
H W24
s n
in hieroglyphs

Henutsen was an ancient Egyptian queen of the 4th dynasty.


Henutsen was a daughter of Pharaoh Sneferu by his third wife. Henutsen married her elder half-brother Khufu. Her name is known from a 26th dynasty stela, found next to a temple to Isis that was built during the 20th dynasty, near Pyramid G1-c. The stela calls her "King's Daughter".[1]


The children of Henutsen and Khufu are buried in Giza. Stadelman proposed that one of Henutsen's sons, Khufukhaf I, actually later became Pharaoh Khafra. If so, Khafre may have added pyramid G1c to the pyramid complex of his father to have his mother interred there.[2] Henutsen is further attested in the tomb of Minkhaf I (G 7430 - 7440).[3] She is depicted in Khufukhaf's tomb.


Main article: Pyramid G1-c

Pyramid G 1c was originally not a part of Khufu's pyramid complex, as its southern side is aligned not with the side of the Great Pyramid, but with Khufukhaf's mastaba tomb nearby.[2] Pyramid G 1c was at some point thought to possibly be a satellite pyramid, because it did not come with a boat pit like pyramids G 1a and G 1b. It was later determined to be an unfinished pyramid however which was constructed in a hurry. Henutsen is thought to have been buried in the tomb.[4] Dr. Rainer Stadelmann believes Khufukhaf is the same person as Khafra and the pyramid was built by him for his mother,[2] but this identification is doubtful.[5]

In fiction[edit]

Henutsen is identified with the daughter of Khufu in Herodotus's Histories whom the pharaoh sold into prostitution to finance the building of his pyramid. The story is completely groundless.[2]


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