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Niagara Purple Eagles
University Niagara University
Conference Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference, Atlantic Hockey
NCAA Division I
Athletic director Simon B. Gray
Location Lewiston, NY
Varsity teams 18
Basketball arena Gallagher Center
Baseball stadium John P. Bobo Field
Soccer stadium Niagara Field
Other arenas Dwyer Arena
Mascot Monte
Nickname Purple Eagles
     Purple (PMS 268)       White

The Niagara Purple Eagles are the athletics teams that officially represent Niagara University in college sports. Part of the NCAA's Division I, the Purple Eagles field 18 varsity level teams. They are members of the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference and Atlantic Hockey. Between 1946 and 1958, Niagara was a member of the Western New York Little Three Conference.

In 2012, the women's ice hockey program was replaced by women's track and field.


Men's Women's
Basketball Basketball
Ice Hockey Lacrosse
Soccer Soccer
Baseball Softball
Cross Country Cross Country
Tennis Tennis
Golf Golf
Swimming & Diving Swimming & Diving
Track and field

Men's sports[edit]


Men's basketball[edit]

Men's ice hockey[edit]

Men's soccer[edit]

Women's sports[edit]

Women's basketball[edit]


Former sports[edit]


Niagara first played football in 1897 and continued until suspending operations after the 1909 season. The Purple Eagles returned for the 1914 season and kept playing college football until World War II made the 1941 season Niagara's last until 1946. For the third time, the Purple Eagles suspended their team after the 1950 season, only to return in 1967. After 20 seasons of play that had seven winless seasons with six occurring in a span of seven years, the Purple Eagles dropped football for the fourth and final time after the 1987 season. Over the span of 67 seasons, the team went won 182 games, lost 205 games, and had 31 ties. They never played in a bowl game. The Eagles had 37 seasons in which they finished with more wins and ties than losses, though the Purple Eagles finished on a 18-game losing streak in over three seasons, their last win occurring in October 1983.

The most wins they had in a season was 1902, in which they went 9–3–1, while the most losses they had in a season was 1922, when they finished 1–8–1.[1]

Notable players[edit]

Women's ice hockey[edit]


Niagara's fiercest rivals include:


  • Calvin Murphy, 1970 (men’s basketball)
  • Juan Mendez, 2005 (men’s basketball)
  • Tania Pinelli, 2002 (women’s hockey)
  • Allison Rutledge, 2007 (women’s hockey)
  • Demond Stewart, 2001 (men's basketball)
  • Paul Zanette, 2011 (men’s hockey)

Academic All-Americans[edit]

  • Brittany Bisnott, 2007 (women's soccer)
  • Mariam Al-Shikarchy, 2005 (women’s tennis)
  • Milena Matijevic, 2004 (women’s tennis)
  • Reed Eastley, 2003 (baseball)
  • Tammy Greek, 1993 (volleyball)
  • Nancy Egerton, 1981 and 1980 (women’s basketball)
  • Joan Thornton, 1980 (women’s basketball)

NCAA postseason appearances[edit]

Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Tournament Championships[edit]

  • Women's Volleyball: 2011, 2010, 2009
  • Men’s Basketball: 2007, 2005
  • Women’s Soccer: 2006
  • Women’s Tennis: 2005, 2003
  • Softball: 1998
  • Men’s Swimming: 1994
  • Men's Soccer: 2012

Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Regular-Season Titles[edit]

  • Women’s Volleyball: 2011, 2010
  • Women’s Tennis: 2009, 2003
  • Men’s Basketball: 2005, 2001, 1999

College Hockey America Tournament Championships[edit]

College Hockey America Regular-Season Titles[edit]

  • Men’s Hockey: 2007, 2006, 2000

Atlantic Hockey Association Regular-Season Titles[edit]

  • Men’s Hockey: 2013

Fight songs[edit]

4 fight songs can be traditionally recorded at Niagara.[2]


NI - AG - RA, NI - AG - RA
Fighting now for victory
As our river rushing onward
Drives and conquers all the way
Rugged rocks and mountain depths
Her onward progress cannot stay
In strife as in life
Old Niagara never falters in the fray
NI - AG - RA, NI - AG - RA
Fight, fight---- fight
Fight, fight---- fight

The Battle Song[edit]

Here's to old Niagara
Onward to victory
We're out to win, team
Every loyal, ever loyal we will be
Get in the game and win, team
Though the odds be great or small
For the glory of Niagara
We'll give our all

The Alma Mater[edit]

This is our home, our college home
Though hard and strict she be
The home of many a noble soul
The shine of purity
We love her rocks and river
Wher'er we chance to be
Shout "Rah" for Old Niagara
And her lovely scenery
Shout "Rah" for Old Niagara
And her lovely scenery

Purple and White Fight Song[edit]

Niagara U. is ready for the fight
And when they fight
They fight with all their might
And when they play the game
They play it right
And when they lose
They know they've met a worthy foe
Come on and cheer, cheer, cheer
For the Purple and White
The team that's always ready for the fight
And when Niagara U. is in the lead
With the speed


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