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The Northlands First Nation is a First Nations band government in northwestern Manitoba, Canada. This Dene or Denesuline population were part of a larger group once called the "Caribou-eaters".

The village of Lac Brochet is the administrative centre of the Northlands First Nation. Seven-hundred-twenty residents of Lac Brochet chose Dene as their mother tongue in 2011. English was spoken by most of the population.[1]


The territories of the First Nation include five parcels of land:

  • Lac Brochet 197A with 464.30 hectares (1,147.3 acres)[2] contains the village of Lac Brochet
  • Sheth Chok with 1,213.60 hectares (2,998.9 acres),[2]
  • Thuycholeeni with 47.50 hectares (117.4 acres)[2]
  • Thuycholeeni Aze with 201 hectares (500 acres)[2]
  • Tthekale Nu with 211 hectares (520 acres).[2]


As of February 2013 the total membership of Northland First Nation was 1,024 with 868 members living on-reserve and 156 members living off-reserve.[2]

The First Nation is governed by a Chief and six councillors [2] and is affiliated with the Keewatin Tribal Council.[2] The Keewatin Tribal Council with its head office in Thompson represents eleven First Nations in Northern Manitoba.[3]

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