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in hieroglyphs
Stela of queen Nubkhaes (Louvre)

Nubkhaes (The Gold [=Hathor] appears) was an Ancient Egyptian queen with the titles Great Royal Wife and the one united with the beauty of the white crown. She is so far only known from her family stela now in the Louvre and a few later references. The stela is the main monument of the queen. Here is mentioned her father Dedusobek and other family members, many of them high court officials. These are all datable to about the time of king Sobekhotep IV.

The husband of the queen is not mentioned on the stela, but it is assumed that he was one of the successors of Sobekhotep IV, as his wife is known and Nubkhaes belongs to a generation after Sobekhotep IV. Khons was a daughter of the queen. She married a vizier coming from Elkab.

Sobekhotep (Father: steward)
Hapyu (mother)
Nebankh (high steward)
Dedusobek (vizier's scribe)
unknown king
Queen Nubkhaes
Iy (vizier)