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Oak Tree Arena

The Oaktree Arena is a speedway racing track located near Highbridge, Somerset, England,[1] and is built alongside the M5 motorway.[2] The track, which was constructed by Australian rider Glyn Taylor, is 300 metres (330 yd) in length, with banking around the edge for spectators. There is also a restaurant which can be hired for weddings and events.[3] It is also used for property auctions,[4] and car boot sales.[5] The site also hosts a golf driving range.[6]


Speedway was introduced in 2000. The team were founded by promoter Andy Hewlett and named the Somerset Rebels, entering the Conference League.[7] Hewlett had been searching for a venue in Somerset to host speedway for some time, when he was offered the site by a local farmer who had hosted banger meetings (cars) there a couple of times.[8][9][10]


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