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Oryol State University
Орловский государственный университет
OSU main building in 1966
RectorPilipenko Olga.[1]
52°57′04″N 36°03′50″E / 52.95111°N 36.06389°E / 52.95111; 36.06389Coordinates: 52°57′04″N 36°03′50″E / 52.95111°N 36.06389°E / 52.95111; 36.06389

Oryol State University (Russian: Орловский государственный университет; Orlovskiy gosudarstvenniy universitet; OGU or OSU), formerly Oryol State Pedagogical Institute/University, is a university in Central Federal district of Russia in the city Oryol which is the Administrative centre of Oryol Oblast. OSU opened in 1931 as Industrial-Pedagogical Institute. Today OSU is a member of Association of the Classical Universities of Russia.


Officially, the Oryol State University was founded in 1931 with the establishment of Orel Industrial-Pedagogical Institute (Орловский индустриально-педагогический институт). But even in 1918 in Oryol opened Lenin Oryol Proletarian University (Орловский Пролетарский университет имени В. И. Ленина), which includes 5 departments: Department of Natural Sciences, Department of Health, Department of Humanities, Mathematical and Agronomical Departments.

In 1932 it was renamed to Oryol State Pedagogical Institute (Орловский государственный педагогический институт; ОГПИ), and in 1993 - to the Oryol State Pedagogical University (Орловский государственный педагогический университет; ОГПУ). In 1996 OSPU received the status of a classical university and renamed to the Oryol State University.[2]


There are 17 faculties in OSU and 2 institutes:

  1. Faculty of Physics and Mathematics
  2. Faculty of Philosophy
  3. Faculty of Technology, Business and Service
  4. Faculty of Philology
  5. Faculty of History
  6. Faculty of Law
  7. Faculty of Economics and Management
  8. Faculty of Natural Sciences
  9. Faculty of Foreign Languages
  10. Graphic arts faculty
  11. Faculty of Documents and Academic Education
  12. Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology
  13. Faculty of Social Pedagogy and Social Work
  14. Faculty of Physical Culture and Sports
  15. Faculty to work with international students
  16. Faculty of Pre-University Training
  17. Faculty training and retraining of specialists
  18. Medical Institute
  19. Institute of Aesthetic Education

Degree mill[edit]

According to the investigation by Dissernet the university has awarded numerous (>85) degrees based on heavily plagiarised theses.[3] On April 18, 2011, An anticorruption body was formed at Oryol state university called Turgenev and it follows a professional code of ethics which was approved on the 25th of December 2014 in an effort to fight against corruption.[4]


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