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The Palestinian government is the government of the State of Palestine. The ruling power was split into two separate administrations. The first was the Fatah-dominated Palestinian government of 2013, which rules the West Bank areas A and B and is generally referred to as the Palestinian Authority. The other was the Hamas government of 2012, which was ruling the Gaza Strip. On September 25, 2014, Hamas agreed to let the Palestinian Authority resume control over the Gaza Strip and its border crossings with Egypt and Israel.


The following organizations have claimed or executed authority over the people in the past:

PNA governments[edit]

Palestinian National Authority is an interim administrative body established by the PLO pursuant to the Oslo Accords of 1993, which exercises limited control of populated areas of the West Bank. Listed below are the executive organs of the PNA cabinets:

Split of Fatah and Hamas[edit]

Since June 2007, the Fatah government has exercised authority in Ramallah, West Bank, and has been recognized as the official government of the Palestinian National Authority, while the Hamas administration took control in the Gaza Strip, and exercised control of that territory after it ousted Fatah PNA representatives in 2007.

Executive organs[edit]

State of Palestine government[edit]

Since the upgrade of Palestine to the status of non-member observer state, a new Palestinian government was appointed in June 2013. A Palestinian unity government of 2014 was sworn in the aftermath of Hamas-Fatah Gaza accord on reconciliation.

Hamas Authority in Gaza Strip[edit]

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