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Bust of Panyassis.
Bust of Panyassis.
Native name Πανυάσις
Born 5th-century BC
Died 454 BC
Cause of death Executed
Ethnicity Greek
Occupation Poet
Notable work
  • Heracleia
  • Ionica
Relatives Herodotus (Nephew or cousin)

Panyassis of Halicarnassus[pronunciation?], sometimes known as Panyasis (Ancient Greek Πανυάσις), was a 5th-century BC Greek epic poet, famous for the Heracleia and the Ionica. It is believed that he also wrote other works which have since been lost. He was critically unappreciated during his lifetime, but was posthumously recognised as one of the greatest poets of archaic Greece. He was either Herodotus' uncle or cousin. In 454 BC, Panyassis was executed for political activities by the tyrant of Halicarnassus and grandson of Artemisia, Lygdamis ΙΙ (Greek: Λύγδαμις Β'), after an unsuccessful uprising against him.[1]