Pau Sabater

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Pau Sabater

Pau Sabater i Lliró (March 5, 1884 in Algerri, province of Lleida – July 17, 1919 in Barcelona) was a Spanish anarcho-syndicalist in the Confederación Nacional del Trabajo in Catalonia. He was known also as "el Tero". He was secretary of the Union of Dyers, one of the most powerful trade unions of the textile industry. His partner was Josepa Ros, with whom he had three children. He was killed by members of the gang of Manuel Bravo Portillo. The murder of Manuel Bravo Portillo himself a few weeks later was interpreted as a revenge from unionists. His funeral on July 24, 1919 was a huge demonstration of workers, with numerous riots across the entire Barcelona from the hospital to the cemetery at Montjuich.[1] The trial for her murder, full of irregularities, took place on 10 and May 11, 1922, the only defendant, Luis Garcia Fernandez, was acquitted.


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