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Precious (プレシャス, Pureshasu?) are fictional artifacts that are the focus for each Task (episode) of the Japanese tokusatsu series GoGo Sentai Boukenger. Within the fiction of the show, each of these artifacts is defined as a "Precious" if it is physically or technologically superior to any current human technology. The protagonists of the series, the Search Guard Successor Foundation, are tasked to retrieve these items before any of the various antagonists, the Negative Syndicate, can use the Precious' powers for evil. Each Precious is marked with a different "Hazard Level" as defined by the S.G.S. Foundation's Accellular devices; a higher number denotes that the item is more dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. After acquiring a Precious, it is kept in a containment device for further research.

Towards the end of GoGo Sentai Boukenger, all of the Precious that had been collected are destroyed in an attack on the S.G.S. Foundation headquarters. It is also revealed that the Precious are created from the power of the hopes and dreams of the human race.

Goodomu Precious[edit]

As the organs of the God's Destruction God Goodomu, they functioned as power sources for the Goodomu Civilization. Indestructible, Gajya intended to absorb them to undergo a metamorphsis into Goodomu itself.

Heart of Goodomu[edit]

The Heart of Goodomu (ゴードムの心臓, Gōdomu no Shinzō?) is a very advanced energy system that, with the help of some water, is capable of making the Giant God Goodomu operational. It was sealed, within an altar, in the Goodomu Temple, deep in the ocean. Just being reanimated, Gajya reclaimed it and activated Goodomu. The Boukengers destroyed Goodomu and took the Heart into their care. Gajya eventually reclaimed the heart and evolved to Gajyadom with its power.

  • Appears in: Tasks 1, 48 & Last Task
  • Hazard Level: 86

Brain of Goodomu[edit]

The Brain of Goodomu (ゴードムの脳髄, Gōdomu no Nōzui?), with the Heart of Goodomu, is the Goodomu's underwater energy system and weapon controller. It was found in another Goodomu Temple in North America. It was sought by Ryuoon, who used Gajya and his knowledge to claim the relic. Upon finding the Brain, Ryuoon was sealed in stone by a Goodomu trap, but he broke out and defeated Gajya, only to be defeated by Satoru and driven off. It entered S.G.S. storage after Ryuoon was defeated, though was seen in the possession of Mr. Voice.

  • Appears in: Tasks 2 & 48
  • Hazard Level: 130

Blades of the Three Kingdoms Leadership[edit]

The Blades of the Three Kingdoms Leadership (三国覇剣, Sangoku Haken?) are a set of legendary weapons said to give its holder enough power to defeat a hundred armies with one blow and become ruler of the world. They are disguised as bamboo scrolls, but their true forms are the legendary weapons that the Three-Kingdoms-era strategist Zhuge Liang once had: the Seiryūtō katana, the Jabō naginata and the Sōkoken. When fusing all three, The Blade of the Three Kingdoms Leadership is formed.

Dark Shadow obtained the Seiryūtō and the Jabō, combining them into one sword to be wielded by Jogami. The Sōkoken was in the possession of a software engineer who is a fanatic of the Three Kingdoms. Because of Souta, the engineer gave Sōkoken to the Boukengers (which gave DaiBouken a power surge) after Shizuka stole a fake bamboo roll — which had his picture on it; he wore the real one around his abdomen — as well as the other two Blades, which he picked up shortly before Jogami was terminated.

In Task 47, Ryuoon used the Seiryūtō and the Jabō against Satoru, performing his Evil Dragon Roar (邪竜咆哮, Jyaryū Hōkō?) attack.

  • Appears in: Tasks 3 & 47
  • Hazard Level: 120 (each)

Madness Weather[edit]

The Madness Weather (マッドネス・ウェザー, Maddonesu Wezā?) is a weather-control device invented by an ancient Antarctic civilization. It can create any sort of weather, from a light rain to a strong blizzard or a typhoon. It was originally built to bring rain to places with severe droughts, but the device is revealed to be a flawed failure that goes out of control very easily. After Ryuoon lost control of it, a severe blizzard was unleashed and Madness Weather gathered enough air and ice to transform into a giant monster. It is noted that this device and its erratic behavior are what caused Antarctica to become permanently covered in ice. The Madness Weather's monster form is based on Bakuryū Sentai Abaranger's BakurenOh.

  • Appears in: Task 4
  • Hazard Level: Unknown

Imperial Pearl[edit]

The Imperial Pearl (帝国の真珠, Teikoku no Shinju?) appears to be an abnormally large pearl, but it contains the blueprints of the elusive battle vehicle Bio-Panzer, designed in the early 20th century by an unknown scientist. It was shipped from a foreign country to Japan, as part of a plan by Dark Shadow to obtain it. Though it was obtained, it would be later sought by Toba with aid from the Questers.

  • Appears in: Tasks 5 & 23
  • Hazard Level: Unknown


The Kubi (?, literally "neck") is a medicine used by an ancient tribe. It was contained in a strange vase with the shape of a head and considered sacred. It was guarded by the Haniwa Warrior Mogari so other tribes could not steal it. In the present time, the zone where it was found is permanently covered in thick mist due to Mogari's presence and became a dangerous place in which people got lost easily. Due to these accidents and the Mogari legend, this zone is now known as the Kubidani (縊谷?) valley. Gajya used the Kubi to have the Boukengers be the target of Mogari's wrath, emptying the medicine in the process.

  • Appears in: Task 6
  • Hazard Level: At numerical value of 20 or less with an unstable change; presently 0 after being emptied by Gajya.

Scale of the Salamander[edit]

The Scale of the Salamander (サラマンダーの鱗, Saramandā no Uroko?) is a single scale of the mythic animal that appears in various legends and is said to rule over fire. It was already in the possession of S.G.S.'s European branch that was being transferred to the Japanese branch in order to operate the Accel Tector.

  • Appears in: Task 7
  • Hazard Level: 220


The Vril (ヴリル, Vuriru?) is a small, spherical quasi-lifeform. It scans and extracts information of any object or being with its three eyes and mimics it, gradually evolving to a more-complex form until it can attempt to replace all humanity. It was found inside a strange metallic, multi-layer container akin to a nesting doll, and was mistaken by the Boukengers to have been the Orichalcum, the legendary metal of Atlantis (they were told it was Vril by Gajya, but they did not believe him). Once freed, Vril took the forms of a pen, a piggy bank, a plant, a chair, and Souta. After seizing data from Souta's laptop, it copied the Boukengers' form, eventually morphing into Bouken Blue after Souta attacked it. Vril Blue then multiplied after it was blasted with the Survi-Buster, only to be immobilized by GoGo Mixer. However, Vril and its copies merged to form of a blocky copy of DaiBouken (the information it copied on the robot was incomplete). It was terminated by DaiBouken Drill & Mixer's Bind Break.

  • Appears in: Task 8
  • Hazard Level: 130

Picture Album (Manuscript) of Leon Giordana[edit]

The Manuscript of Leon Giordana (レオン・ジョルダーナの画帳(写本), Reon Jorudāna no Gachō (Shahon)?) is a set of sketches written by the famous Renaissance scientist and artist, Leon Giordana. These sketches contain the basic principle in which the GoGo Vehicle's Parallel Engine is based. Though very rudimentary, if this Precious falls in the wrong hands, the Parallel Engines' schematics would be compromised and duplicated, so S.G.S. keeps this Precious locked with very tight security in a classified location. The quick look Gajya gave to these sketches before they were recovered was enough for him to develop and build the Goodomu Engines.

  • Appears in: Task 11
  • Hazard Level: 350

Pipes of Hamelin[edit]

The Pipes of Hamelin (ハーメルンの笛, Hāmerun no Fue?) are two pipes made of gold and silver. One of the pipes can lure children to its player and transform them into orbs that in exchange of the child's life can produce a huge amount of energy. The second reverts the effects of the first. It is still unknown the effects of the energy produced, because the process has never been completed. The tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin is directly based on these pipes and what happened with them in Hamelin, Germany in 1284.

  • Appears in: Task 12
  • Hazard Level: 110

Treasures of Princess Kaguya[edit]

The Treasures of Princess Kaguya (かぐや姫の宝, Kaguya-hime no Takara?) (the Feathered Robe of the Moon (月の羽衣, Tsuki no Hagoromo?) and the Potion of Immortality (不死の薬, Fushi no Kusuri?)) are the gifts that Princess Kaguya gave to the bamboo harvester when thanking him for raising her before she returned to the Moon. According to the story, the harvester burned them, but the truth is that they were kept locked within a barrier powered by the Moon. The keys to unlocking the barrier are the other five treasures that appear in the story: the Dragon Neck Orb (sought by the Jyaryu), the Stone Bowl of Buddha, Hourai Ball Branches, Cloth of the Firerat, and the Swallow's Cowrie Shell. The Raiment is said to be what the people of the Moon wear in order to return to it. The Potion, though its name says it gives immortality, actually just boosts the life energy of a being for a period of time.

  • Appears in: Task 13
  • Hazard Level: Unknown/87

Steel of the Heavenly Mine[edit]

The Steel of the Heavenly Mine (アメノカナヤマノハガネ(天の金山の鋼), Ame no Kanayama no Hagane?) has a surprisingly high energy level and virtually unlimited resistance. It possesses strange alloy properties and can absorb life energy. These features make it an ideal material for weapons. According to S.G.S. research, the legendary Kusanagi Sword, which defeated the Orochi, was made with this ore. When abused, this Precious can be used to produce weapons of mass destruction.

  • Appears in: Task 14
  • Hazard Level: 100

Aqua Crystal[edit]

The Aqua Crystal (アクアクリスタル, Akua Kurisutaru?) is a mineral said to contain the power of the Ocean. It takes years to crystallize, but when it reaches the thousandth year, it naturally crumbles. The Water People kept it in a shrine deep in the ocean and built the Water Metropolis around it, only that it shattered and caused their domain to become a desert wasteland. The new Aqua Crystal is inside an active volcano, and none from the Water Metropolis could reach it and return. Ragi became a Wicked Dragon in order to obtain the new Crystal, but he obtained it with help from the Boukengers.

  • Appears in: Task 16
  • Hazard Level: Unknown

Hundred-Demons Mirror[edit]

The Hundred-Demons Mirror (百鬼鏡, Hyakki-kagami?) is said to keep sealed many spirits and demons. Actually this mirror acts as a bridge between "dimensions" and was used to seal in the Hundred-Demon World's countless Ashu. When Lemurian blood is spilled on its surface, it recovers its shine and unlocks the interdimensional bridge. Its present Hazard Level is 0, as Eiji destroyed it.

  • Appears in: Task 17
  • Hazard Level: Unknown/0

Soldier's Bow[edit]

The Soldier's Bow (兵の弓, Tsuwamono no Yumi?) is a powerful crossbow built in ancient times to fight supernatural beings such as the Ashu. As it was enchanted by various Onmyōdō spells, even the Ashu feared the power it could unleash. It is noted that just like the Takaoka Clan, there have been many demon hunters around the world, and this Precious is one of many supernatural weapons made to aid them. Ryuoon used the Bow against Satoru in Task 47 when he entered the Precious Warehouse.

  • Appears in: Task 18 & 47
  • Hazard Level: 187

Lightning Cannon[edit]

The Lightning Cannon (雷砲, Kaminari-hō?) is an ancient and extremely powerful weapon. A cataclysmic thunder cloud is sealed within it, giving it the power to destroy several mountains with just one shot. Only someone with enough power, like the one which the Goodomu Engine gives, can control this weapon.

  • Appears in: Task 20
  • Hazard Level: 550

Uchide's Mallet[edit]

Uchide's Mallet (打出の小槌, Uchide no Kozuchi?) is a Precious that, when shaken, creates a great energy amplification that can increase the size of anything. When shaken upside-down, the effect can be reversed. It is inspired by the folk tale of the One-inch boy. In the tale, the Mallet is said to "grant wishes" but this confusion came when someone used the Precious to multiply their riches or food.

  • Appears in: Task 21
  • Hazard Level: 240

Solomon's Ring[edit]

It is called Solomon's Ring (ソロモンの指輪, Soromon no Yubiwa?) because it apparently belongs to King Solomon and bore his seal. It allows its wearer to understand the speech of animals. Dark Shadow sought this Precious, and used Zukangami's powers to try to blackmail S.G.S. into giving them the ring to turn Satoru, Masumi, and Natsuki into animals.

  • Appears in: Task 22
  • Hazard Level: 13

Hatsune Drum[edit]

The Hatsune Drum (初音の鼓, Hatsune no Tsuzumi?, Drum of Year's First Sound) is a drum made from the skin of two foxes, one male and the other female whose spirits reside in the item, that can resurrect the dead by using leaves. The two foxes used to create the drum are parents of a fox spirit named Genkurō, sensing him in danger as they acted to save him. When halted by Boukengers, the Hastune Drum summoning every villain they defeated to hold them at bay. During all of this, Genkurō contacted Natsuki to save him by digging up his memorial stone via DaiBouken. After the utter chaos of Natsuki disposing of revived Negatives with DaiBouken, eventually having to summon Ultimate DaiBouken, Genkurō took the Hatsune Drum and was reunited with his parents.

  • Appears in: Task 24
  • Hazard Level: 3 (Eventually 100)

Fruit of Wisdom[edit]

The Fruit of Wisdom (知恵の果実, Chie no Kajitsu?) is grown from a Tree of Knowledge once in a millennium, among several other fruit with the similar orange-colored grape-shape. Once consumed, it makes any being's brain undergo an accelerated evolution process, endowing it with a genius intellect. The only ones to ingest the fruit were Akutagami (who became a super-genius) and three Jyaryu who intended in vain to unionize the Jyaryu Clan, much to Ryuoon's dismay. However, the fruit's effects are limited, and after the fruit is completely digested, the mind of the consumer reverts to its original state.

  • Appears in: Task 25
  • Hazard Level: Unknown

Glass Slipper[edit]

The Glass Slipper (ガラスの靴, Garasu no Kutsu?) is, in appearance, a beautiful glass shoe but is really a cursed prince. It is noted to be the base of the story of Cinderella, who was the Slipper's first victim. Clorinda, the older sister of Cinderella aided the Prince by selecting his "ideal women" to wear the slipper, sending their souls into prince's illusion world. If the slipper was not removed before midnight, they would stay there forever, having their lives sucked up by the prince. When the Boukenger retrieved the Glass Slipper from Gajya, Sakura was trapped within the Prince's world until Akashi got her out a second before midnight. During the second time, she managed to get Clorinda's aid to stop the Prince, destroying the mask that maintained his disguise and kept his many "Cinderellas" trapped in his world. Following this, Clorinda lost her cloak, and she escaped. Then, the slipper assumed his true form, that of a monster. He was destroyed by an irate Bokuen Pink, using GoGo Marine on one of SirenBuilder's water streams to smash him to bits. The Prince is based on Bakuryū Sentai Abaranger's KillerOh.

  • Appears in: Task 26
  • Hazard Level: 230

Feng Shui Compass Board "Dragon Eye"[edit]

The Feng Shui Compass Board "Dragon Eye" (風水羅盤・竜眼, Fūsui Raban Ryūgan?) has the power to amplify someone's luck, either giving him good or bad luck depending on feng-shui. Wicked Dragon Tarlon used this to give Satoru the worst luck of all, even to the extent of placing him in mortal danger.

  • Appears in: Task 27
  • Hazard Level: 88

Legendary Armor[edit]

The Legendary Armor (伝説の鎧, Densetsu no Yoroi?) grants its user invulnerability, making them impervious to any attack (even Super DaiBouken could not damage it), hence safeguarding their life. It was created by a blacksmith in ancient times using forbidden techniques. It is noted that the legendary 10th-century Japanese sōhei, Benkei, actually donned this armor before being hit by the rain of arrows. Masumi found it first, but then the Questers took it and used it on their Quester Robo Elite, which also gave their machine a sword. However, with the armor, Quester Robo Elite malfunctioned as they first did without it. The armor was then taken by DaiBouken Crane, and the Robo was destroyed by SirenBuilder Dozer & Marine and DaiBouken Aider & Police.

  • Appears in: Task 28
  • Hazard Level: 330

Giant Dragon-shaped Spaceship Stringross[edit]

Giant Dragon-shaped Spaceship Stringross (巨大龍型宇宙船ストリングロス, Kyodai Ryū-gata Uchūsen Sutoringurosu?) is an ancient flying centipede-like insect that was sought by Satoru's father. However, it was actually an organic-spaceship that Hyde Gene aborbed long ago and used to wipe out the dinosaurs. Hyde Gene resumed his true form once more in order to destroy the Boukengers, after coming to the conclusion that Earth's beings are unfit for absorbing, and decided to destroy the planet before leaving to find another planet with superior life that can be assimilated without trouble. The ship was destroyed with Hyde Gene. Voiced by Shōzō Iizuka.

  • Appears in: GoGo Sentai Boukenger the Movie: The Greatest Precious
  • Hazard Level: Infinite

Lemurian Precious[edit]

The Ancient Lemurian Civilization also produced a number of Precious. The first two appeared in Task 29. Other Lemurian Precious include the Sun of Lemuria and Ryuoon's Helmet.

Lemurian Egg[edit]

The Lemurian Egg (レムリアの卵, Remuria no Tamago?) is one of the last Precious of the Lemurian Civilization, which holds "Mythical Beast", a powerful being used by the Lemurian civilization as a weapon. However, Gajya reveals the Lemurian Egg to be actually a cloning device that held the Mythical Beast's DNA, thus allowing any number of Mythical Beasts to be created. Using a Goodomu Engine, he created a Modified Mythical Beast, Goodorum, but it was destroyed by a combination attack by Zubaan and Ultimate DaiBouken, and the Lemurian Egg was recovered and secured. In Task 47, Ryuoon attempted to gain access to the Precious Bank and steal the Lemurian Egg in order to use it on himself to completely purge his humanity and as a new core element in his Jyaryu creation experiments.

  • Appears in: Tasks 29 & 30
  • Hazard Level: Unknown

Golden Sword[edit]

The Golden Sword (黄金の剣, Ōgon no Ken?) is the other Precious of the Lemurians. It is the only thing that can kill the "Mythical Beast". As stated in the Lemurian ruins, the sword can only be wielded by those with a righteous heart, preventing Ryuoon or Professor Igarashi from touching it. However, Satoru, while hoping to have "...the power to protect my friends and Prof. Igarashi", was able to remove it from its pedestal and destroy the Mythical Beast with one slash. When the crest on the sword is turned, it transforms into DaiKenjin Zubaan and also has the ability to become gigantic to fight. Ultimate DaiBouken and Zubaan in gigantic-sword mode perform a powerful finishing attack to defeat the Modified Mythical Beast Goodorum in Task 30. Since then, the Golden Sword has been part of the Boukenger arsenal.

  • Appears in: Task 29 and becomes a regular character
  • Hazard Level: Unknown

Sun of Lemuria[edit]

The Sun of Lemuria (レムリアの太陽, Remuria no Taiyō?) is the most powerful Precious of the Lemurian Civilization. Created with the ultimate technology the Lemurians had, it can easily overpower a large power plant. Being a virtually endless energy source, its applications are various. When used for peace, it can preserve a person's life for thousands of years, inducing them to a deep sleep in which their growth would slow to a reason of 1 year's life for 5000 years time. On the contrary, when used to cause harm, it can absorb the life energy of a person and transfer it to a weapon or a machine, making it a very dangerous Precious. It was entrusted to Lilina/Natsuki by her parents, only to become a pawn in a joint Jyaryu/Quester operation.

  • Appears in: Task 33 & 34
  • Hazard Level: 670

Flame of the Ruined Country[edit]

The Flame of the Ruined Country (亡国の炎, Bōkoku no Honō?) is an everlasting, extremely powerful fire which is said to have the power to burn an entire country, being named after this legend. It was created from the fat of cursed people and evil wizards. Though it is contained in a strange stone vessel, the Precious itself is just the burning fire. It was placed in the area of Mt. Kamuro, the Questers found it and used it to enhance Quester Robo Blaze.

  • Appears in: Task 31
  • Hazard Level: 210

Ship of Light[edit]

The Ship of Light (光の船, Hikari no Fune?) is a sailing ship Precious said to reach sailing speeds superior to those when flying. However, due to an accident the ship sank and a curse in the ocean made it impossible to withdraw by conventional methods. The only way is to offer the soul of an Excellent Adventurer as sacrifice to release the ship. Dark Shadow created the Adventure School to find someone to sacrifice to raise the Ship of Light, but their plans were foiled when Souta and Natsuki infiltrated the school and were saved from being sacrificed. As S.G.S. cannot do such a thing, they are studying other possible solutions.

  • Appears in: Task 32
  • Hazard Level: Currently investigating

God's Head[edit]

The God's Head (神の頭, Kami no Kashira?) is a powerful artifact that possesses what now is called Artificial Intelligence. It works much like a supercomputer, retrieving data, programs and abilities from whatever system or machine it connects with. When used for peace, this Precious can be used to efficiently operate hospitals or shelters. When used wrongfully, it can override and take control of any security system.

  • Appears in: Task 35
  • Hazard Level: 170

Mountain-Crushing Kanabō[edit]

The Mountain-Crushing Kanabō (山砕きの金棒, Yamakudaki no Kanabō?) is an ancient iron rod capable of destroying a whole mountain with a single blow. It is sealed deep within a mountain, but when stolen, the mountain activates a sort of security system by sending Taro whose mission is to recover the stolen Precious. It is believed throughout the Task that Taro is Momotarō of Japanese folklore, sent to retrieve the Kanabo from the Oni that stole it, being the Questers Gai and Ley.

  • Appears in: Task 36
  • Hazard Level: Unknown

Jewel of Prosperity[edit]

The Jewel of Prosperity (繁栄の石, Han'ei no Ishi?) is a magical stone that can absorb bad fortune and turn it into good, giving the wearer of the ring its embedded great prosperity, however, once in a hundred years, the stone has to release all the bad fortune it has absorbed and causes an explosion capable of destroying a large city.

  • Appears in: Task 37
  • Hazard Level: 270 when near explosion.

Rainbow Cloth[edit]

The Rainbow Cloth (虹の反物, Niji no Tanmono?) is a Precious that allows its user to transform into anything at will. Shizuka of the Wind used this Precious to primarily attack Souta by first turning her outfit into that of a quick-drawing cowgirl, a Chinese Kung Fu girl, a schoolgirl armed with a deadly yo yo, and a nurse with an enormous hypodermic needle and then turned into a truck before using it to turn into a powered-up form called Super Shizuka of the Wind. Because of her own idiocy, she also ripped the cloth and a small piece allowed a cat to transform into a young girl that befriended Souta and helped him defeat Super Shizuka.

  • Appears in: Task 38
  • Hazard Level: 120

Staff of Three Philosophers[edit]

The Staff of Three Philosophers (三賢者の杖, San Kenja no Tsue?) is a Precious that was created by Time Demon Chronos from Meemy, TsueTsue, and Furabiijo and uses their combined power to become a giant monster. The Staff was destroyed in the wake of Chronos' demise, with its components finally dead. Its Hazard level is 666, possibly a reference to the Number of the Beast.

Magi Lamp[edit]

The Magi Lamp (マジランプ, Maji Ranpu?) is the oil lamp in which the genie Smoky the Magical Cat resides. It is owned by Hikaru of Mahou Sentai Magiranger, and was identified as a Precious when he met up with the Boukengers in the dimension Chronos sent them to. Sakura and Satoru attempted to secure it until Smoky and Hikaru asked them not to, seeing that the Magi Lamp is to Hikaru as Zubaan is to the Boukengers. The Magi Lamp can transform into the Magi Lamp Blaster, allowing its wielder to shoot his/her magic in the form of energy bullets if they are powerful enough.

With its identification as a Precious, the Magi Lamp is technically the first Precious introduced, and the only Precious wielded by a Sentai team other than the Boukengers.

Prometheus' Stone[edit]

The Prometheus' Stone (プロメテウスの石, Purometeusu no Ishi?) is a talking-stone Precious that when angered, explodes. It is basically a normal rock who having witnessed war after war, came to have a mind of its own. When not in a good mood, it accumulates stress and explodes. In addition, it possesses a special mechanism that makes the Precious, no matter its mood, explode. In order to avoid the explosion the stone must be put in contact with salt from the Aegean Sea. The Prometheus' Stone was taken in S.G.S. custody prior to the series, stored in Osaka until his old friend, Morio Makino, enlisted his help in testing the Boukengers despite the fact their base would be destroyed as a result. Voiced by Mitsuaki Madono.

  • Appears in: Task 39
  • Hazard Level: 60


Ultimate Artificial Lifeform Homunculus (究極人工生命体ホムンクルス, Kyūkyoku Jinkō Seimeitai Homunkurusu?): The result of a complicated scheme culminating in Task 41 created by the Questers involving using the other Negative factions in gathering the needed ingredients for its creation, the Homunculus is an extremely powerful artificial life form said to be developed by alchemists in Medieval Europe and created by Paracelsus himself. It took the Mercurius Vessel, the Caduceus Staff, the Philosopher's Herb, and the Paracelsus' Mercury to create. Its only objective is destruction much like the Lemurian Mythical Beast, but through the specially developed Quester Jet Over, it could be controlled and was practically invincible. When first used it easily defeated Ultimate DaiBouken, then defeated Zubaan and DaiVoyager without the Homunculus taking any damage. It was later attacked by DaiBouken, Zubaan, SirenBuilder, DaiTanken and DaiVoyager and finally started to take damage.The Homunculus was finally destroyed with Voyager DaiBouken's Super Riding Adventure Drive attack, where it used Zubaan instead of the GoGo Sword, performing the Giant Sacred Sword Slash attack. The Homunculus is based on Hikari Sentai Maskman''s Galaxy Robo, while its combined form is based on Maskman's Great Five.

  • Hazard Level: Unknown

Mercurius Vessel[edit]

The Mercurius Vessel (メルクリウスの器, Merukuriusu no Utsuwa?) is an alchemic Precious created by Hermes Trismegistus that is capable to combine any elements. It was said that it could create Homuncunli, the alchemists' ultimate goal for immortality, within 40 days by putting human fluids and hair into it. However, when the Caduceus Staff, Paracelsus' Mercury, and the Philosopher's Herb are placed into the receptable, the Homunculus can be born instantly. It was hidden in a cave along the Bishamon Coast that can only be accessible once every 20 years when the tide is low enough. The Questers obtained it without trouble for their master plan: The creation of the Homunculus. After the Questers were killed, the Mercurius Vessel was placed in S.G.S. custody.

  • Appears in: Tasks 40-42
  • Hazard Level: 260

Caduceus Staff[edit]

The Caduceus Staff (カドゥケウスの杖, Kadukeusu no Tsue?) is the Precious on which the caduceus symbol is based on. The Questers used Gajya to obtain the staff from Kurosagi Forest. It can shoot powerful lighting. When put into the Mercurius Vessel, the staff took the shape of the Homunculus' skeleton.

  • Appears in: Task 41
  • Hazard Level: 134

Philosopher's Herb[edit]

The Philosopher's Herb (賢者のハーブ, Kenja no Hābu?) is a Precious found inside a volcano's crater on Genbu Mountain, obtained by Ryuoon as a favor to the Questers, because they themselves could not enter the volcano. It concentrates the elements and information necessary to make Homunculus' blood. When put into the Mercurius Vessel, it transforms into a liquid that keeps flowing around Homunculus' body to keep it alive. This is an "artificial" plant created from the combination of a plant and the famous Philosopher's Stone which was said to turn lead into gold and give eternal life.

  • Appears in: Task 41
  • Hazard Level: 121

Paracelsus' Mercury[edit]

Paracelsus' Mercury (パラケルススの水銀, Parakerususu no Suigin?) is the mercury supposedly created by the alchemist Paracelsus. Located in Chemist Museum, Dark Shadow managed to swipe it with little trouble. It concentrates the elements and information necessary to create Homunculus' flesh. When put into the Mercurius Vessel, the Mercury grows and attaches itself to the bones forming muscles, making the flesh hard but flexible.

  • Appears in: Task 41
  • Hazard Level: 145


The Golem (ゴーレム, Gōremu?) is a Precious made from clay and other earthen materials that acts like a modern-day robot, basically doing as told. During the 16th Century, Santa Claus gave the Golem to the ruler of the kingdom of Bohemia, to protect the land. The Golem went out of control and destroyed the kingdom, however. Centuries later, Eve gave the Golem to a boy named Kiyoshi, but kept the control plate "Shem". However, Gajya stole Shem and upon reciting the spell inscribed, ("Emet", or "truth" in Hebrew), the Golem resonated and came to life, making its way to Gajya. Once Shem was placed on its forehead, the Golem grew and was completely revived. The Boukengers attempted to stop it, but the Golem enlarged to the size it was when it trashed Bohemia. Learning that they have to destroy the first letter on Shem ("Emet", or "truth" in Hebrew) is erased and reads "Met" or "Meit" ("death" in Hebrew), they used DaiVoyager Drill & Shovel to break Shem, causing Golem to crumble into pieces. The Golem is based on Chōriki Sentai Ohranger's Gunmazin.

  • Appears in: Task 43
  • Hazard Level: 506

Demon Bird's Magic Jewel[edit]

The Demon Bird's Magic Jewel (魔鳥の魔宝玉, Machō no Mahōgyoku?) is a Precious that held within it the magic power of the Demon Bird (魔鳥, Machō?), a monster that appeared in the Hermit's Gorge centuries ago, is sealed. In that time, the head of the Society of Shadow (as Dark Shadow was known then), the legendary ninja, Gekko of the Illusions, merged his own body with the Demon Bird's and through hidden techniques, sealed only its power within the jewel and hid it in a hill in Hermit's Gorge. The seal is based on the lunar calendar, and Yaiba, disobeying direct orders, weakened and broke it to bathe in the light of the Triple Moon: a night in which there seems to be three moons in the sky and that only happens once every 12 years. As even Gekko was not able to control the Demon Bird's magic, when the seal in the Precious is broken by Yaiba, the body and mind of Gekko are controlled by the Demon Bird, and the ninja himself becomes the monster. However, the Boukengers managed to restore the Demon Bird's Magic Jewel in time to stop the monster.

  • Appears in: Task 44
  • Hazard Level: 600

Three Headed Dragon of Darkness[edit]

The Three Headed Dragon of Darkness (闇の三ッ首竜, Yami no Mikkubiryū?) is a tuning fork-shaped Precious that can gather and manifest the darkness from the universe when used correctly, as well as use the darkness with a certain soul grant them immense power. This was a Precious highly sought by Yaiba who intended to place the Earth in an age of darkness. However, to Yaiba's dismay, the dragon chooses someone whose darkness is compatible with it. Ryuoon attempted to obtain the Three Headed Dragon, but it chose Masumi as its master as Yaiba hoped. From there, Yaiba lured Masumi to the dark side and built a barrier around them so he can summon the darkness through Masumi. Though it was too late, the Boukengers stopped the darkness while Masumi defeated Yaiba and left the Precious for the others to take.

  • Appears in: Tasks 45-46
  • Hazard Level: 750

Pandora's Box[edit]

The infamous Pandora's Box (パンドラの函, Pandora no Hako?) is a Precious in which all the despair and evil of the universe is contained. Being such a dangerous device, the key to open it and the box itself are located in separate places. Gajya, who obtained Pandora's Key (パンドラの鍵, Pandora no Kagi?), opened this in Task 47 and absorbed the contents to become a godly vessel of pure evil. Gajya created a monster which he named Desperato after the last thing that came from the box: despair.

  • Appears in: Task 47
  • Hazard Level: 800; presently 0 after being emptied of its contents by Gajya.

Ryuoon's Helmet[edit]

Ryuoon's Helmet (リュウオーンの兜, Ryūōn no Kabuto?) is actually a Lemurian Precious that imbues immortality to the wearer. Ryuoon modified and improved it. However, it also fuses to the flesh of its wearer, turning them into a Reptilian humanoid with the ability to recover over 85% of damaged flesh to complete health and allowing its wearer to survive without consuming water. Ryuoon had worn this Precious two centuries ago, turning him into his current form. However, its power finally faded in Task 47, and Ryuoon reverted to a human.

  • Appears in: Task 47
  • Hazard Level: 243

The Ru Yi Bang of Sun Wukong[edit]

The Ru Yi Bang of Sun Wukong (孫悟空の如意棒, Son Gokū no Nyoibō?) is a Precious said to be the weapon of the legendary Sun Wukong. Both Dark Shadow and some Jyaryu tried to obtain it, only to be stopped by the Boukengers.

  • Appears in: Last Task
  • Hazard Level: Unknown

The Heart of Hades[edit]

Heart of Hades (黄泉の心臓, Yomi no Shinzō?) is a Precious with the power to resurrect the dead and imbue them with limitless power. The last surviving Jyaryu obtained the Precious and used it to revive Ryuoon, with the Gokaigers taking the item and giving it to Satoru.

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