Refuge Astronomer Cruls

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Refuge Astronomer Cruls

Refúgio Astrônomo Cruls
Location of Refuge Astronomer Cruls in Antarctica
Location of Refuge Astronomer Cruls in Antarctica
Refuge Astronomer Cruls
Location of Refuge Astronomer Cruls in Antarctica
Coordinates: 62°14′34″S 58°58′49″W / 62.242819°S 58.980412°W / -62.242819; -58.980412Coordinates: 62°14′34″S 58°58′49″W / 62.242819°S 58.980412°W / -62.242819; -58.980412
Country Brazil
Location in AntarcticaNelson Island
South Shetland Islands
Administered byBrazilian Antarctic Program
Established25 January 1985 (1985-01-25)
15 m (49 ft)
 • Total
  • Up to 6
Time zoneUTC-3 (BRT)

Refuge Astronomer Cruls (Portuguese: Refúgio Astrônomo Cruls) is a Brazilian Antarctic summer facility named after astronomer Luis Cruls who set up an expedition in 1882 to Punta Arenas in order to observe the passage of Venus across the disk of the Sun.[1] The structure, established on 25 January 1985, is situated on Nelson Island (South Shetland Islands), southwest of King George Island, South Shetland Islands, Antarctica.

The refuge, which can accommodate up to 6 scientists for up to 40 days,[2] depends both logistically and administratively on Comandante Ferraz station. Together with Refuge Emílio Goeldi, located on Elephant Island, constitute the basic infra-structure to support the Brazilian Antarctic Program in Antarctica.

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