Resan Hanım

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Resan Hanım
Born Ayşe
28 March 1860
Artvin, Ottoman Empire
Died 31 March 1910(1910-03-31) (aged 50)
Istanbul, Turkey
Burial Eyüp Cemetery
Spouse Murad V
Issue Fatma Sultan
Aliye Sultan
Father Ömer Bey
Mother Fatma Hanım
Religion Islam

Resan Hanım (28 March 1860 – 31 March 1910; birth name Ayşe, other names Rezan) was the wife of Sultan Murad V of the Ottoman Empire.


Resan Hanım was born on 28 March 1860 in Artvin to a Georgian noble family. Born as Ayşe, she was the daughter of Ömer Bey and his wife Fatma Hanım. She had a sister Rabia Gülten Hanım, and a foster sister named, Şayeste Hanım. At a young age, together with her sisters Ayşe was taken to Istanbul, where they were delivered at the court of the Ottoman Sultan. She was renamed Resan and was given a thoroughly Turkish and Muslim education in the harem department of the palace of Abdul Hamid's sister, Seniha Sultan. Ayşe grew into a young lady in Seniha Sultan's Palace, where she was noticed by Murad.

Resan consented to the will of their parents in the marriage proposal of the Deposed Sultan. Seniha Sultan, sent the young girl to the Çırağan Palace, where Murad married her on 2 November 1877, a year after Murad and his family's imprisonment in the palace. After her marriage, her sister, Rabia Gülten Hanım became a lady-in-waiting to her. Two years after the marriage, she gave birth to Fatma Sultan, followed by the birth of Aliye Sultan the next year. After Murad's death in 1904, she continued to reside in the Çırağan Palace during the second constitutional era after 16 December 1908.

In 1909 she moved to Bursa, where she was living in the palace of her daughter Fatma Sultan. Resan returned to Istanbul. She died of Tuberculosis on 31 March 1910 and was buried in the mausoleum of Eyüp, Istanbul.