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The San Mateo County Community College District consists of three colleges in California; College of San Mateo in San Mateo, Cañada College in Redwood City, and Skyline College in San Bruno. The district serves more than 25,000 students each day with both day and evening classes.

The San Mateo County Community College District offers online services via WebSMART:

  • College application
  • Bookstore
  • Electronic counseling service
  • Final grades
  • GPA Calculator
  • Library
  • Online classes
  • Online orientation
  • Open classes
  • Transcript request (ability to view transcripts)
  • WebSMART[1] online registration

Skyline College[edit]

Skyline offers more than 80 Associate Degree and Certificate programs[2].

College of San Mateo[edit]

  • College of San Mateo offers distance learning via their telecourses[3]. Telecourses are preproduced television courses broadcast on KCSM-TV and are available for at the media center and the library. Telecourses are available to all students within the San Mateo County Community College District.
  • KCSM-TV is a membership community supported station located on the CSM Campus.[4]
  • KCSM FM is a community supported station.
  • KCSM Theatre features plays, musicians and supports the performing arts[5].
  • Community Education offers a wide range of programs to meet community needs and interests[6].

Cañada College[edit]

University Center[edit]

The University Center at Cañada College was established in 2001 as a new model to provide four-year college degree programs.

Cañada College is the only community college in the state of California with a University Center which came into being through special state legislation sponsored by Lou Papan and with the support of the San Mateo County Community College District. This was a way to extend higher learning to peninsula residents that could not travel to the participating universities.

University Center[edit]

San Francisco State University

  • Nursing - Bachelor of Science

Notre Dame de Namur University

  • Business Administration - Bachelor of Science
  • Human Services - Bachelor of Science
  • Psychology - Bachelor of Arts

Arizona State University

  • Family and Human Development - Bachelor of Science
  • Educational Studies - Bachelor of Arts

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