Santana 20

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Characteristics of the Santana 20
Number of crew 2-3
LOA 20' 212"
Beam 8'
Draft 4 ft
Hull weight (with fittings) 1350 lbs
Sail Area of total of Main 204 ft²

The Santana 20 is a one-design class of sailboat commonly used for racing. The boat is popular on the west coast of the United States with large fleets in Portland, Seattle, Eugene, Los Angeles, & San Diego. There are also fleets in the Midwest including Denver, Kansas City, Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Atlanta. In production since 1976 there are over 900 hulls manufactured to date. In 1996 the manufacturer, WD Schock Corp, redesigned the deck of the boat creating an opened transom, and roomier, more ergonomic cockpit. This change did not affect the performance characteristics of the boat and the old design boats and new design boats race one design. Many boats have been exported to Mexico and at one time there was a Mexican class association.