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Remix album by Merzbow
Released June 16, 1997 (1997-06-16)
Genre Noise, experimental
Length 62:05
Label Blast First
Merzbow chronology
Live at 20000V 30 Sep 1995
Merzbox Sampler

Scumtron is a remix album by the Japanese noise musician Merzbow.[1] It also includes two new tracks by Merzbow.

"Eat Beat Eat #1" and "Eat Beat Eat #2" were later included on Another Merzbow Records.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Artist Length
1. "House of Kaya" Jim O'Rourke 4:13
2. "Eat Beat Eat #2" Merzbow 6:30
3. "Elephants Memory Remix" Pan Sonic 11:19
4. "An.Mon" Rehberg/Bauer 4:52
5. "Micromedley" Russell Haswell 4:15
6. "Ecobondage [Ending] Ae Remix" Autechre 11:22
7. "Eat Beat Eat #1" Merzbow 4:52
8. "Untitled II/1996" Bernhard Günter 14:42


  • "House of Kaya": Remixed and edited from the original Merzbow recording Spiral Honey, Work in Progress
  • "Eat Beat Eat #2": (exclusive recording) Recorded and mixed at ZSF Produkt Studio, July 1996
  • "Elephants Memory Remix": Remixed from the original Merzbow recording "Elephants Memory" from Indescreet Stereo Test, Indiscreet
  • "An.Mon": Remixed from the original Merzbow recording Antimonument, Art Direct
  • "Micromedley": Re[mega]mixed and edited from the original Merzbow recordings "Meatrapezoid" from Green Wheels, Self Abuse; "Overhead Vulves" from Rod Drug 93, The Way Out Sound; "Delta Blues" from White Blues, Self Abuse; "Glass" from Extreme Music from Japan, Susan Lawly; "2" from Oersted, Vinyl Communications; "Fireploof Enema 1" from Batztoutai with Material Gadgets, RRR
  • "Ecobondage [Ending] Ae Remix": Remixed from the original Merzbow recordings "Ecobondage [Ending]" from Ecobondage, Distemper
  • "Untitled II/1996": Originates from three samples taken from the first three tracks ("Hara-Kiri Video 'Lost Paradise' Theme", "Seishi Seppuku Kei", "Ropes in Tears") of the Merzbow recording Music for Bondage Performance, Extreme. B.G. thanks his brother Dirk Günter for ongoing sponsorship...
  • Compiled & mastered @ Country Masters


  • Russell Haswell – compilation, mastering
  • Denis Blackham – compilation, mastering
  • Masami Akita – performer, noise manipulation, various filters, metal on "Eat Beat Eat #2"


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