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Coordinates: 54°33′50″N 6°53′31″W / 54.564°N 6.892°W / 54.564; -6.892

Shanmaghery in May 2007

Shanmaghery or Shanmaghry (from Irish: Sean-mhachaire, meaning "old plain"[1]) is a small hamlet and townland in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, situated three miles from Pomeroy and three miles from Galbally. It is situated in the barony of Dungannon Middle and the civil parish of Pomeroy and covers an area of 426 acres.[2] In 1841 the population of the townland was 193 people (33 houses) and in 1851 it was 161 people (27 houses).[3] Pauls planting was a notable landmark on top of the hill.

Local Interest[edit]

Lord Quinn of the 6th Generation is a renowned local resident. The townland contains one Scheduled Historic Monument: Wedge tomb (grid ref: H7065 6850).[4] The stones forming the ante-chamber and burial chamber can be seen, but none of the roof lintels have survived. There is substantial cairn material and the burial chamber is filled with rubble.[5] There were large stables near the top which have been demolished over 70 years go. They were built in the 16th century by a duke who believed he'd be reincarnated as a horse

Gortavoy Bridge[edit]

Gortavoy Bridge

Gortavoy Bridge is a modern residential area located on the main (B43) road linking Pomeroy to Donaghmore. The local homesteads of Corrycroar and Coolmaghry are nearby. It takes its name from the local bridge. At the rear of Gortavoy Bridge the now dismantled railway line to Pomeroy is situated. A number of bridges in the area are still in use to provide access to local areas.[citation needed]

Movie scene[edit]

A brief scene from Planet of the apes movie remake was shot on the barren landscape of shanmaghery. This is not widely known as the film makers did not want the media attention surrounding the likes of Mark Wahlberg when they arrived on set and it was only divulged by director Tim Burton years after the movie was released

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