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Coordinates: 22°33′17″N 114°06′59″E / 22.55472°N 114.11639°E / 22.55472; 114.11639

Shenzhen Middle School
Shenzhen, Guangdong
Type Public School
Motto 建设学术性高中 培养创新型人才
(Strive for Academic Excellence. Cultivate a Creative Student Body.)
Established 1947
Principal Wang Zhanbao
Faculty ~400
Enrollment ~4000
Student to teacher ratio 10:1
Campus City, 107,602 square metres (1,158,220 sq ft)

Shenzhen Middle School (深圳 中学 Shēn-zhèn zhōng-xué) is located in Luohu District, Shenzhen, Guangdong. Founded in 1947, it was made the only provincial key high school (magnet school) in Shenzhen in 1983. In November 1993, it became one of the first Class-One schools of Guangdong Province. In 1998, SMS merged with Honghu Middle School and the latter's campus became the site of SMS's junior division. The campuses of SMS's junior (grades 7, 8, 9) and senior (grades 10, 11, 12) divisions combined cover an area of 107,602 square metres (1,158,220 sq ft). The student-teacher ratio is about 10:1. Zhao li (赵立,Zhao li) is the current principal.

SMS students have been first in Shenzhen and among the top schools in Guangdong Province for many years. Over the last two years, SMS has been ranked #1 in the percentage and number of high-scoring students in Guangdong Province, with the largest number of graduates admitted by the top universities in China every year. In a 2016 ranking of Chinese high schools that send students to study in US universities, Shenzhen Middle School ranked number 8 in mainland China in terms of the number of students entering top American universities.[1][2]

SMS has three departments --- Primary, Junior and Senior department, located on separate campuses. The Senior campus is divided into two parts, one for 10th graders and 11th graders and one for 12th graders.

Of the three campuses, only the Senior campus offers student dorms, which allows SMS students to choose whether they want to be commuters or residents on campus. The residential facilities available include three grocery stores, three dining halls, two residential halls and a book store. Both Junior and Senior campuses have a soccer field and a track field. There are five basketball courts, including one indoor, badminton courts and table tennis tables, a taekwondo room and a dancing room.


Shenzhen Middle School offers four curriculums to high school students and one curriculum to middle-school students.

Freshmen submit their curriculum preferences before the start of their first school year. All curriculums requireEentrance exams except the Standard Curriculum. For the school year of 2011-12, the Experimental Curriculum requires a written entrance exam, the Honor Curriculum requires a written entrance exam, and the International Curriculum requires both an interview and a written entrance exam. Students who do not submit any preference or students who indicate their preference to these three curricula but fail to pass their written exams and/or interview are automatically admitted by the Standard Curriculum.

Standard Curriculum[edit]

The Standard Curriculum meets the needs of high-school students whose goal is to pass the National Higher Education Entrance Examination, an academic examination held annually. The Standard Curriculum comprises about 40% of students in Shenzhen Middle School.

Experimental Curriculum[edit]

The Experimental Curriculum provides students with special courses that are not available to high-school students in China. The Experimental Curriculum comprises about 30% of students in SMS.

Honor Curriculum[edit]

The Honor Curriculum is distinguished by students participation in Olympiad academic contests on subjects including mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and informatics. The Honor Curriculum comprises about 20% of students in SMS.

Since the Honor Curriculum was established, students have won many provincial, national and international academic awards and honors. Each year, some outstanding Honor Curriculum students are directly admitted by universities in China without taking the National Higher Education Entrance Examination. Some other excellent students may be qualified to receive "score plus" in National Higher Education Entrance Examination and therefore able to be admitted into any universities with scores lower than that normally required.

The school year of 2011-12 saw a major change in the Honor Curriculum. A new class was established to host students who demonstrate excellent command of languages, humanities, or social sciences. Newly enrolled students take an entrance exam to be admitted into this class.

International Curriculum[edit]

International Curriculum (IC) is for students who plan to study abroad, usually in the United States. Such students comprise about eighteen percent of students in Shenzhen Middle School.

This curriculum is distinguished by offering a liberal arts and science course curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking and creativity. Such courses are usually taught in English by Western instructors and are taught at collegiate level rigor. Currently (2013-2014), over thirty college level courses are offered in addition to college prep courses, including courses in the English language arts, the humanities and social sciences, art and drama along with math and hard sciences. By taking these courses, students have an extremely high functional level of English in thinking, expression and social interaction. The IC also has a certified college counsellor on staff to insure compliance with US policies and procedures for college application and admission.

There has been a misconception that students in IC are required to pay a higher tuition fee than other students in Shenzhen Middle School. Admittedly, IC students occasionally need to buy foreign textbooks, which are expensive in most cases. Nevertheless, the tuition they pay is the same as that paid by any other students in Shenzhen Middle School and in any public high school in Shenzhen.

Integral Curriculum[edit]

The Integral Curriculum, also called 3+2, is distinguished by including both junior and senior high school students. The students who enrolls in this curriculum in grade 7 are ensured to enter the senior high school of Shenzhen Middle School.

The Integral Curriculum provides the students with advanced courses in senior high school, including Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry Competition. It's where gifted students start their academic career.

Campus media[edit]

Radio Station[edit]

The shenzhen middle school radio station (风华子衿广播站) is an official broadcast station in the campus. The radio station have fixed audience for over two thousand people. The radio station mainly broadcasting news, literatures, musics and critics which written by members of the radio station.

Nova Monthly[edit]

Nova Monthly is the BEST English-Chinese translational monthly magazine published within the campus and into the society. The magazine mainly contains translated articles from popular USA and English publications. It is obliged to transform the intelligence and sparkles oversea as an cultural ambassador and build a bridge connecting the West and East. Being an interdiscinplinary work, Nova Monthly has 5 columns: "Living", "Sports", "Entertainment", "Technology" and "Column X". The current chief editors of this magazine are Meiyi Long and Yunhao Xu.

Supervisors of 2014-2015:

Editors: Hao Yang(Chief Editor), Ruyin Li(President)

Public Relationship: Zhishuo Han(Mascot), Rong He & Yihan Chen (Ministers)

Art Design: Rui Zhou(Minister)

Supervisors of 2015-2016:

Editors: Meiyi Long(Chief Editor), Yunhao Xu(President)

Managers of columns

Living: Jiawen Li

Sports: Yunhao Xu

Entertainment: Xiying Deng

Technology: Fan Xu

Column X: Ying Zhou

Public Relationship: Zhuorui Zhou(Minister), Ziyi Wang & Lanxin Yin

Art Design: Wenrui Yan(Minister)

Supervisors of 2016-2017:

Editors: Yin Lei(Chief Editor), Hantao Yu(President)

Nirvana Weekly[edit]

Nirvana Weekly (涅槃周刊)is a comprehensive Chinese magazine published by Shenzhen Middle School students in November, 2009. Being an unaffiliated and non-profit magazine, Nirvana Weekly aimed to deliver intramural and extramural information with fine quality, spread contemporary citizen ideals and solicit consideration and discussion among its readers. "Through the darkest dark, may we see the light(越万里之溟濛兮,见凤之流光)"is the magazine's motto.

Visionary Monthly[edit]

Visionary Monthly is an English-only magazine published in Shenzhen Middle School campus. This magazine is the first English-only media which is completed written, edited and published by middle school students in Shenzhen Middle School. The buyers are all over Shenzhen. The magazine have over three hundred fixed reader who subscribe it. It is influential not only inside campus but outside in Shenzhen. The articles in the magazine mainly are novels, proses, music criticism, politics criticism.

Shenzhong Daily[edit]

Shenzhong daily is a daily newspaper which published within Shenzhen Middle School. The newspaper began its publication in 2009, and is free to all the faculty and students of Shenzhen Middle School.


Shenzhen Middle School Science Association[edit]

Shenzhen Middle School Science Association is a club where students communicate with others on scientific issues. There're five academic divisions so far - the Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Science.

The SMS Science Association provides its members with high-qualified academic courses, where deeper level knowledge is offered.

Shenzhen Middle School Model United Nations[edit]

Shenzhen Middle School Model United Nations is the organizer of Pan-Pearl River Delta Model United Nation Conference For High School Students (PPRDMUN), the largest and most weighty MUN conference in Guangdong Province.


Torchlight is a culb which provides its members with a place to communicate with each other, the politic lovers in campus.

Shenzhen Middle School Student Activity Association[3][edit]

Shenzhen Middle School Student Activity Association is a student run organization aimed towards organizing high-quality student activities and providing technical support for routine activities in the school. Its biggest activities include the Shenzhen Middle School's Best Singers, and the annual flee market.

Notable alumni[edit]


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  • SZ Middle School partners with German institute [1]
  • Mission San Jose High School Delegation visited Shenzhen Middle School in April 2007 [2]

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