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For the district in Hong Kong with the same Chinese name, see Lo Wu.
A view of Luohu Renmin Nan Road, China
A view of Luohu Renmin Nan Road, China
Luohu District within Shenzhen
Luohu District within Shenzhen
Country China
Province Guangdong
Prefecture Shenzhen
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Luohu District
Traditional Chinese 羅湖
Simplified Chinese 罗湖

Luohu District (Simplified: 罗湖; Traditional: 羅湖; Pinyin: Luōhú, Hakka Chinese:lo2 fu2) is a district of Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, People's Republic of China.


The size of Luohu district is about 78.9 km2 (30 sq mi) and contains 10 subdistricts.

Luohu is located in the southern part of Shenzhen, with Futian district on its west, Yantian district on its east, and Longgang district on its north. The Shenzhen River forms the district's southern limits.

It is also one of the six administrative districts of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of Shenzhen City of the People's Republic of China.

Luohu has an uneven geography and contains a number of natural fresh water sources, including Donghu (东湖), Honghu (洪湖), and Xianhu (仙湖), among others. Shuiku (水库), or "Water Reservoir", is also located in Luohu and is an important source of water for both Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Shenzhen's highest peak, Wutong Mountain (944m) (梧桐山) is in Luohu District.

The district's west boundary with Futian is Hongling Road, and its east boundary with Yantian is Wutong Mountain. The northern boundary is the end of the Special Economic Zone.


  • Huangbei (黄贝)
  • Nanhu (南湖)
  • Guiyuan (桂园)
  • Dongmen (东门)
  • Sungang (笋岗)
  • Qingshuihe (清水河)
  • Cuizhu (翠竹)
  • Dongxiao (东晓)
  • Donghu (东湖)
  • Liantang (莲塘)

Immigration Control Point[edit]

Luohu Immigration Control Point
Main article: Lo Wu Control Point

Luohu serves as an important immigration control between Hong Kong and Mainland China. Two immigration control points, Luohu and Man Kam To, are located in the Luohu district. The Luohu immigration point is the busiest land boundary patrol in China and Hong Kong.


Luohu district was established in October 1979. It is the first district in Shenzhen City. Several hills were flattened to facilitate its infrastructure during initial construction phases. In November 1997, Yantian area became an independent administrative district.



Sightseeing in Dongmen

Luohu is known in Hong Kong and Guangdong for shopping. Most one-day visitors from Hong Kong limit their shopping to Luohu Commercial City (罗湖商业城), located right outside the Luohu Immigration Control Point, but the areas of Dongmen (东门), Guomao (国贸), and Diwang (地王) are also important shopping districts.

Shenzhen and Luohu are infamous for the sale of cheap counterfeit goods. These goods, ranging from DVDs to designer items (e.g. Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, Gucci, etc.) are mostly to be found in Luohu Commercial City or Dongmen, though prices here can be much higher than similar counterfeit items purchased in less popular parts of the city.


Luohu district is also known for its nightlife. Though most expatriates residing in Shenzhen live in Shekou, visitors to Shenzhen from Hong Kong and other places typically frequent bars, KTV (karaoke) lounges, and night clubs in the Luohu area.


Guo Mao is one of Shenzhen Metro stations
Lao Jie station of the Shenzhen Metro

Trunk roads[edit]

  • Shennan Dong Lu (深南东路)
  • Dongmen Lu (东门路)
  • Yanhe Lu (沿河路) and Chunfeng Lu flyover (春风路高架桥)
  • Nigang Lu (泥岗路)
  • Luosha Gonglu (罗沙公路)
  • taoyuan lu

Buses and minibuses[edit]

Buses and minibuses serve as popular means of transportation modes in Luohu.

Shenzhen Railway[edit]

Shenzhen Railway Station (深圳火车站|深圳火车站) is located here. It serves as a terminal for train routes towards tens of cities in China.

Shenzhen Metro[edit]

There are 4 metro stations in Luohu district, namely, Luo Hu (羅湖), Guo Mao (国贸, Shenzhen World Trade Center), Lao Jie (老街) and Da Ju Yuan (大剧院, Shenzhen Grand Theater).

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