Shenzhen Museum

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Shenzhen Museum
Shenzhen Museum
Traditional Chinese 深圳博物館
Simplified Chinese 深圳博物馆
Folk Cuture Exhibition Hall

Shenzhen Museum ({zh|s=深圳博物馆}})[1] is a multifunctional modern museum in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. It has a total area of 37,000 square meters, and a building area of 18,000 square meters. The museum was established in 1981, but was not formally opened until 1988. It holds more than 20,000 historical and cultural relics, of which the majority originate within the city. There are two exhibition halls: one is on Tongxin Road, Longgang, while the other is located within the Civic Center, Futian.[2][3]


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