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Spider magazine's cover for the January 2006 issue. The magazine has come a long way since its inception in 1998.

Spider written as SPIDER (written with a mirrored 'R') is a monthly magazine circulated in Pakistan by the DAWN group of newspapers, focusing on issues related to software/hardware and Internet technologies. The magazine sported a tagline boasting it to be "Pakistan's Internet Magazine" till March 2005. Since most of the issues discussed in its leaves are mostly about information technology rather than just Internet, the tagline was removed. A symbol that dons its cover pronouncing its identity is that of a mouse with eight limbs and a blinking red sensor as an eye over a web engulfed in a yellow circle, mostly found at the top-right corner of the publication.


The magazine was launched at the end of the year 1998. Reader's comments and criticism are a regular feature in the magazine since then.

Copy features[edit]

Magazine style and content[edit]

The monthly comprises cover stories and feature articles usually on the growth of the internet and how Information Technology is affecting Pakistanis.

Cover price[edit]

Since March 2005, the cover price of the magazine has risen up to Rs. 50 per issue mainly because the magazine decided to include more pages for the people to read and extract information from.

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