Spokane River Centennial Trail

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Spokane River Centennial Trail
SpokaneConvCtr CentennialTrail.jpg
Length 37 mi (60 km)
Location Washington, United States
Trailheads Nine Mile Falls
Idaho/Washington border
Use Alternate transportation & recreation: bicycling, walking, jogging
Hiking details
Season All year
Sights Spokane River, Riverside State Park, Riverfront Park

The Spokane River Centennial Trail is a 37 miles (60 km) paved trail in Washington for alternate transportation and recreational use. It extends from Sontag Park in Nine Mile Falls, Washington to the Washington/Idaho border. It passes through the cities of Spokane, Washington, Spokane Valley, Washington, Liberty Lake, Washington, and is divided into three sections. Riverside refers to the section of the trail within Riverside State Park, Urban refers to the section within the city of Spokane, and Valley refers the Spokane Valley section west of the border.[1] After the border into Idaho, the trail continues as the North Idaho Centennial Trail.


Following the Expo '74, advocates proposed a mixed use pathway along the river. Citizens in Washington and Idaho expanded the idea by 1986 by joining forces and suggesting a much longer trail that could be completed in time to celebrate the respective state centennials of Washington (1989) and Idaho (1990).[2] In 2010, it was designated a National Recreation Trail.[3]

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Coordinates: 47°41′43″N 117°02′30″W / 47.69528°N 117.04167°W / 47.69528; -117.04167