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STARLUX Airlines
IATA ICAO Callsign
UV(Tentative) SUA(Tentative) STAR(Tentative)
Founded2016(Company Registration)
HubsTaiwan Taoyuan International Airport
HeadquartersNo.382,Nanjing East Road Sec 6, Neihu District, Taipei City
Key peopleChang Kuo-wei

STARLUX Airlines (Chinese: 星宇航空; pinyin: Xīngyǔ Hángkōng) is an airline company headquartered in Taipei City, and under preparation by Chang Kuo-wei after his departure from his position as the president of Evergreen Group.


Upon the death of Chang Yung-fa(張榮發), the founder of Evergreen group and EVA air, his youngest successor - Chang Kuo-wei(張國煒), vice president of Evergreen Group and the previous de facto leader of EVA air, publicized Chang Yung-fa's last will, stating that Chang Kuo-wei will be the exclusive inheritor of Chang Yung-fa's fortune as well as the upcoming CEO for EVA air.

Sons of Chang Yung-fa's first wife, displeased, arranged a meeting with the board during Chang Kuo-wei's duty as a Captain in a flight from Taipei to Singapore and subsequently resulted Chang Kuo-wei's withdrawal in all managerial participations in Evergreen group and EVA air.

With an attempt to continue his father's expectation, and to fullfill his deam of creating a carrier representative of his ethnic community on an international level, Chang established a new carrier known as STARLUX Airlines, with Star commemorating his father's dead reckoning practice as a sailor prior to entrepreneurship, and Lux signifying the luxurious disposition that would be embedded into the branding of his new carrier to separate itself from fellow competitors.

The establishment of STARLUX, however, was claimed by Chang to be rather a continuation of his unfullfilled purpose instead of "Vengeance of The Prince", a title commonly used by the local press that trivilized and clouded the true intention behind the reason of his entrepreneurship. Chang stated in an interview that 10 years prior to his departure from EVA, he utilized different mediums, including but not limited to hiring professional consultants for EVA's Skytrax rating in gaining international recognition. However, Chang claimed that EVA was denied from reaching its full potential due to the restriction of company culture, a matter that was beyond his influence.

STARLUX, now an entity solely owned by Chang, is a project Chang determines to accomplish with like-minded old or new partners who share the same vision than that of his - creating a carrier that not only embodies his ethnic community, but also introduces a different way of defining airline transportation.

This company was registered in 2016 with the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of China.[1] This was confirmed by Chang Kuo-wei on 30 November 2016.[2] The Airline is estimated to register with the Civil Aeronautics Administration in the first half of 2017,[3] and it was planned, in late 2016, that it should commence operations in 2018.[1] The Ministry of Economics Affairs received the formal application for establishing the airline under the name STARLUX Airlines on 22 May 2017.[4]

A 4 October 2017 article in the Nikkei Asian Review[5] reports the airline is now expected to start operations 'by the end of 2019'. This article also refers to Chang Kuo-wei as being the former Chairman of the Evergreen Group.


STARLUX Airlines orders the following aircraft as of July 2018:

STARLUX Airlines Fleet
Aircraft In Service Orders Passengers Notes
F J Y Total
Airbus A321neo 0 10[6] TBA
Airbus A350-900 0 5 TBA
Airbus A350-1000 0 12 TBA
Total 0 27

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