Steven Del Duca

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Steven Del Duca
Ontario MPP
In office
Preceded by Greg Sorbara
Succeeded by Michael Tibollo
Constituency Vaughan
Personal details
Born 1972/1973 (age 45–46)
Political party Liberal
Spouse(s) Utilia Amaral
Children 2
Residence Woodbridge, Ontario
Occupation Union administrator

Steven Del Duca (born c. 1973) is a former politician in Ontario, Canada. He was a Liberal member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario who represented the riding of Vaughan from 2012 to 2018. He served in the cabinet of Kathleen Wynne.


Del Duca earned a law degree at Osgoode Hall Law School but has not been called to the bar.[1] He was director of public affairs for the Carpenters’ District Council of Ontario.[2] Previously, he was an aide to Dalton McGuinty when McGuinty was leader of the opposition. He lives with his wife and two daughters in Woodbridge, Ontario.[3]

Provincial politics[edit]

In 2012 he ran as the Liberal candidate in the riding of Vaughan. A by-election was called to replace Greg Sorbara who retired earlier in the year. He defeated the Progressive Conservative candidate Tony Genco by 5,795 votes.[4][5] He was easily re-elected in the 2014 provincial election defeating PC candidate Peter Meffe by 16,891 votes.[6]

On June 24, 2014, he was appointed to cabinet by Premier Kathleen Wynne as the Minister of Transportation.[7]

In June 2016, the Ministry of Transportation issued a press release about twelve new stations for the GO Transit network, only ten of which had been approved by the Metrolinx board planning the regional transit projects.[8] The board convened in late June to approve the two additional stations, Kirby GO station for the Barrie line, and Lawrence East station as part of the SmartTrack project. Metrolinx reports stated that the Kirby station would have a negative effect on overall ridership on the line.[8]

Del Duca was nominated as the Ontario Liberal Party candidate to be put forward for the riding of Vaughan-Woodbridge.[9] [10]

On June 7, 2018, Del Duca ran for the Ontario Liberal Party in the Ontario Provincial election for Vaughan-Woodbridge, and lost to PC Candidate Michael Tibollo[11].

Cabinet positions[edit]

Ontario Provincial Government of Kathleen Wynne
Cabinet posts (2)
Predecessor Office Successor
Brad Duguid Minister of Economic Development and Growth
Jim Wilson
Glen Murray Minister of Transportation
Kathryn McGarry

Municipal politics[edit]

Weeks after losing his provincial seat, it was reported that Del Luca would be running to be Chair of York Region in the October 22, 2018 municipal election,[12] but owing to the provincial government's passing of the Better Local Government Act, there was no election for the post.[13]

Electoral record[edit]

Ontario general election, 2018
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Progressive Conservative Michael Tibollo 21,687 50.50 +23.49
Liberal Steven Del Duca 13,742 32.00 -25.99
New Democratic Sandra Lozano 6,254 14.56 +3.60
Green Michael DiPasquale 972 2.26 +0.06
Libertarian Paolo Fabrizio 291 0.68
Total valid votes 100.0  
Source: Elections Ontario[14]

Ontario general election, 2014
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Liberal Steven Del Duca 33,545 55.99 +4.62
Progressive Conservative Peter Meffe 16,654 27.80 -5.49
New Democratic Marco Coletta 7,105 11.86 +0.48
Green Matthew Pankhurst 1,336 2.23 +0.47
Libertarian Paolo Fabrizio 1,277 2.13 +1.19
Total valid votes 59,917 100.0  
Liberal hold Swing +5.06
Source: Elections Ontario[15]
Ontario provincial by-election, September 6, 2012
Resignation of Greg Sorbara
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Liberal Steven Del Duca 16,469 51.37 -1.65
Progressive Conservative Tony Genco 10,674 33.29 +2.05
New Democratic Paul Donofrio 3,647 11.38 +0.05
Green Paula Conning 564 1.76 +0.35
Libertarian Paolo Fabrizio 300 0.94 -0.94
Family Coalition Bart Wysokinski 144 0.45  
Independent Stephen Tonner 118 0.37  
Freedom Erin Goodwin 90 0.28  
People's Phil Sarazen 54 0.17  
Total valid votes 32,060 100.00
Total rejected, unmarked and declined ballots 301 0.93
Turnout 32,361 25.62
Eligible voters 126,323
Liberal hold Swing -1.85
Source: Elections Ontario[16]


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