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Strathcona West was a provincial electoral district in Alberta, Canada. It was created in 1959 when Edmonton broke up into nine ridings.

In 1971 the riding was split between Edmonton-Whitemud and Edmonton-Parkallen.

1959 Redistribution[edit]

The historic 1959 redistribution of the provincial ridings of Calgary and Edmonton standardized the voting system back to First Past the Post. From 1926 to 1959 Calgary and Edmonton members were elected by Single Transferable Vote. The rest of the province had the option of how to count ballots. The redistribution created nine ridings in Edmonton.

The other eight ridings were Edmonton Centre, Edmonton North, Edmonton Norwood, Edmonton North East, Edmonton North West, Strathcona East, Strathcona Centre and Jasper West.

Election Results 1959 - 1967[edit]

1967 Results 1963 Results 1959 Results
Affiliation Candidate Votes % Affiliation Candidate Votes % Affiliation Candidate Votes %
  Progressive Conservative Donald Getty 6,764 48.39%      Social Credit Randolph McKinnon 5,029 47.47%      Social Credit Randolph McKinnon 3,639 41.63%
  Social Credit Randolph McKinnon 5,153 36.87% Liberal Arthur Crossley 2,557 24.14% Progressive Conservative Eric Duggan 2,683 30.69%
  N.D.P. Frank Kuzemski 1,115 7.98% Progressive Conservative Arnold H. Lane 1,863 17.59% Liberal Frank Edwards 1,982 22.67%
  Liberal Edmund Leger 1,627 6.76% N.D.P. George Field 936 10.80% C.C.F. H. Douglas Trace 423 5.01%

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